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iMovR is proud to be a preferred supplier of office fitness gear to thousands of corporate, government and educational institutions (see our customer list). We're known not only for offering the broadest array of office fitness products in the industry, but also for our unique ability to mass-customize workstations to meet each employee's specific needs—be it space and decor match, ergonomic accommodation, or budget constraints.

Unlike other manufacturers that build their products in large batch runs and offer a more limited selection of options, we build all our workstations to order (think "Dell") and ship them out from our Michigan plant in just 5 business days. This allows us to offer a virtually infinite selection of workstation size, color and shape options, produce them quickly, and keep our prices low.

But the biggest difference in working with iMovR versus any other furniture manufacturer is in how we engage with our customers. More than just a website, our team of office fitness and ergonomics experts is on hand to offer every form of assistance imaginable, from helping to gather information for internal presentation to management, to helping your HR or corporate wellness team develop best practices guides for your employees.  

Bulk Purchases

For smaller bulk purchases many of our products have automatic volume discounts that will appear in the online shopping cart. For larger quantity purchases, or if no volume pricing appears on the site for the particular item, please contact our Corporate Solutions Department at (888) 208-6770 ext. 2 or email us at  Our Corporate Solutions team can work with you to determine your equipment needs and get you the best pricing available. 

Rental Options

Want to find out if treadmill desk workstations are a good fit for your organization? We offer a unique, customizable rental program for three of our most popular treadmill desk configurations so you can "try before you buy". See the full details here.

Call Center Specialization

iMovR is the leading manufacturer of active furniture specifically designed for the call center environment, including sit-to-stand desks, treadmill desks and sit-to-stand conference tables. See Office Fitness in the Call Center for more information. 

Financing Options

If you’re interested in installing a fully-outfitted walking workstation (or several) but don’t have the capital expenditures budget for it, consider shifting over to low monthly payments by taking advantage of our financing program.  Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this option, and while other leasing companies may not be able to handle the category, we deal with this equipment category all day, every day, and can structure highly competitive financing options for you. Click here for financing information.

Corporate Wellness Programs

While standing desks are becoming quite commonplace in many industries, treadmill desks, sit-stand meeting tables and other, newer office fitness products are only just beginning to find their feet in most corporate wellness programs. Our Corporate Wellness Solutions Specialists can help your company gather requirements, evaluation options, and combine purchasing power to lower costs and improve ROI on this equipment. But that’s just the beginning… read more.

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