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iMovR offers three different ThermoDesk models. All are 3D-adjustable, meaning they can be adjusted from sitting to standing height, their bases can accommodate a range of tabletop sizes, and they are pre-drilled for keyboard trays and accept monitor arms for ideal ergonomic depth settings as well.

The Elite and UpTown are electrical bases, while the Ellure is a manual base that adjusts with a hand crank. All ThermoDesk models share the following attributes:

• iMovR's exclusive 3D-laminated, ergo-contoured table tops, available in eleven standard colors and over 50 custom color choices
• Designed for ease of assembly, with pre-drilled pilot holes (even for optional keyboard trays)
• Unprecedented Five year warranty on table tops; warranty on frame, moving parts and electronics varies by model
• All desks ship within 5-7 business days from date of order, and take 3-5 business days for freight delivery
• Optional White Glove Delivery and Installation available on all ThermoDesk models, anywhere in the continental US,
  inclusive of freight, room-of-choice delivery, and clean-up/removal of packing materials


What is the difference between the ThermoDesk Elite, UpTown, and Ellure models?

All three electric ThermoDesk models are designed to be used as standalone, adjustable-height standing desks, or in conjunction with a treadmill - either in a stand-walk configuration (48" or 60" top), or in a sit-stand-walk configuration (72" or 83" top). All three desks have a height ceiling of over 50" (including the tabletop), making them ideal choices for taller users. All feature the very latest table top manufacturing technology based on "3D lamination," that provides superior durability and completely seals the table top core, protecting it from moisture penetration, while providing the luxurious appearance of being crafted from a solid piece of wood. All feature ergonomic radiused-edging and robust 3" grommet holes that can accommodate various flush-mounted accessories, such as the Dual-AC or AC+Dual-USB Power Nodes. All feature pre-drilled pilot holes for the ThermoDesk Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray and for hand controllers, to make installation a snap, and a 5 year warranty on the table top. All are available factory-preassembled or with white glove delivery.

The Elite is entirely made in America. It incorporates the highest-quality electric base available, with features such as extremely low power consumption and programmable anti-collision stops. The Elite's controller is digital and features four pre-programmable height settings. The Elite's lifting capacity is 265 lbs., and emits a hushed sound signature of 46 dB when lifting, 42 dB descending at its 1.5" per second travel speed. The Elite table top features an extra-thick 1.125" core, and recessed threaded nuts for making attachment of the base assembly (and detachment, for moving) a breeze. The Elite's height ceiling is 51.125" with the top. The Elite's Reliant electric base weighs 75 lbs.

The UpTown desk is simply the most customizable electric height-adjustable desk in the world, with a great variety of tabletop sizes and colors, and base colors, allowing you to match your space and decor to a T. Tabletops are available in either Select Top (1.125" thick, same as Elite) or Thin Top (0.75") thicknesses. The digital controller features three programmable height presets and an LED readout. The UpTown is rated to 360 lb. lifting capacity, with a 1.5" per second travel speed, and its <41 dB sound signature makes it the quietest electric sit-stand desk in the world. The UpTown boasts an acceleration/deceleration dampening feature that makes height changes an extremely smooth affair. The UpTown's UpStage-30 base is made in the largest and most technologically advanced linear actuator manufacturing plant in China, known for precision, reliability and value, and weighs 70 lbs. For taller users and treadmill desk users there is a 4" leg extension kit that can be added to raise the top height of the desk to 54" and increase stability at all heights. The UpTown table tops, like all ThermoDesk tops, are made in America. 

The Ellure is a heavier-duty unit designed to carry more weight and a premium tabletop. Height-adjustment speed is 3 turns per inch with light tension on the crank. The Ellure's lifting capacity is 200 lbs in motion and 390 lbs stationary. The Ellure table top features an extra-thick 1.125" core. The Ellure is also offered with factory-preassembly or white glove delivery.

The UpTown's thin tops are 3/4"-thick and therefore do not include recessed threaded nuts, however precision pilot holes for the base, keyboard tray(s) and hand controller are pre-drilled in every top for ease of installation. 

All our ThermoDesk models have a corresponding Omega model (with SteadyType™ keyboard tray). The Omegas use the same bases as their ThermoDesk counterparts, as reflected in the chart below.

Base Type Electric, Dual Bosch Precision Motors Electric, Dual Precision Motors Heavy Duty Manual (Crank)
Base Weight 80 lbs. 24": 63 lbs., 30": 71 lbs. 70 lbs.
 Height Controller Digital readout with 4 programmable presets Digital readout with 3 programmable presets N/A
Lifting Capacity 265 lbs. 265 lbs. 200 lbs in motion, 390 lbs stationary
Lift speed 1.5" per second 1.3" per second 3 turns per inch, light crank tension
Noise Level 46 dB on lift, 42 dB on descent <41 dB N/A
Anti-collision Feature Programmable shelf-stop and container-stop Auto-senses obstacles N/A
Spacing between base legs Eight incremental positions from 37" - 69" Infinitely adjustable from 39.5" to 61" Infinitely adjustable from 31.5" - 53"
Height range (not including top)       24" - 50";
30" to 54" with extenders
24" to 50" 29" - 48"
Stroke 24" 24" 19"
Leg segments 3 3 2
Leg extension kit available 4" extension kit available 4" extension kit coming soon N/A
Base colors available Black, Silver (Gray) Black, Silver (Gray) Black, Silver (Gray)
Top Thickness 1.125"

Select Top: 1.125"

Thin Top: 0.750"

Top colors available Eleven standard colors. More than 50 custom color choices available for bulk corporate orders
Top sizes available 30x48, 30x60, 30x72 or 30x83 30x42, 30x47, 30x59, 30x71, 30x83 30x42(S), 30x48(M), 30x60(L), or 30x72(XL)
Fully-laminated grommet 
holes provided
One grommet on 48" tops
Two grommets on 60", 72" and 83" tops
Two grommet holes on all tops One grommet on 42" and 48" tops
Two grommets on 60" and 72" tops
Underside features Recessed threaded nuts for easy attachment and detachment of base; pilot holes for hand controller and keyboard tray(s) 

Select Top: Recessed threaded nuts for easy attachment and detachment of base; pilot holes for hand controller and keyboard tray(s) 

Thin Top: Pilot holes for base, hand controller and 
keyboard tray(s) 

Pilot holes for base and optional keyboard tray
Estimated total assembly time 30 - 45 minutes 30 - 45 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Country of Origin Base: USA    Top: USA  Base: China   Top: USA Base: China    Top: USA
Warranty coverage Lifetime on steel frame, 10 years on moving parts, 
5 years on table top; 10 years on electronics
Lifetime on steel frame, 5 years on moving parts, 
5 years on table top; 5 years on electronics
5 years on steel and table top
2 years on moving parts
Price - Base Only $799 $469 $379
Price - Table Top $150 - $465

Select Top: $150-$465

Thin Top: $120-$340

Standard shipping to Lower 48 $85 base-only; $99 full desk system, including 
all co-purchased accessories
$85 base-only; $99 full desk system, including 
all co-purchased accessories
$85 base-only; $99 full desk system including 
co-purchased accessories
Factory Pre-Assembly Option $125 - $249, completely pre-assembled $125 - $249, completely pre-assembled $125 - $249, completely pre-assembled
White Glove Installation Option All-inclusive with factory pre-assembly, room-of-choice delivery, installation and cleanup - only $275