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ThermoDesk Ellure Treadmill Desk

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  • ThermoDesk Ellure Treadmill Desk
  • ThermoTread GT with RightSize Under Treadmill Mat
  • ThermoTread Desk Top Console
  • ThermoDesk Ellure
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 60" Designer WhiteTop
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 60" Shark Gray Top
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 60" Warm White Top
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 72" Haute Gray (Putty) Top
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 72" Black Top
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 72" Urban Walnut Top
  • ThermoDesk Ellure with 72" Almond Cherry Top

Ellure Treadmill Desk Workstation

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  • Combo featuring iMovR's top-rated ThermoDesk Ellure Desk and ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill
  • All-digital ThermoTread GT, with its smartphone-like, touch-screen, LCD console, is the quietest, most reliable walking base on the market, and “future-proof”
  • ThermoDesk Ellure adjustable height desk combines an affordable manual base with a premium 1.125"-thick tabletop or a sleek 0.75"-thick tabletop
  • Exclusive “3D lamination” is more elegant and durable than any other laminate, and allows for extensive “ergo contouring” of the desk surface
  • Dozens of accessory options including matching file cabinet, anti-fatigue mats, desktop power nodes and more

Class and Style For Less

The ThermoDesk Ellure Treadmill Desk is an affordable walking workstation that offers the same elegant aesthetics of more premium electric desks, at a more affordable price point. Its fully 3D-laminated design allows for dozens of handsome woodgrains and designs to complement any executive environment. The Ellure's comfort-grip hand crank adjusts the desk's height effortlessly and at a rate twice as fast as other, more expensive manual desks. Its 200-lbs lifting capacity is stronger than even some electric models. The ThermoDesk Ellure provides you all the benefits of a full walking workstation without busting your budget.

iMovR's ThermoDesk Ellure received four and a half out of five stars from WorkWhileWalking’s expert review team. The ThermoTread GT received five out of five stars from the same. WorkWhileWalking gave this treadmill desk workstation pairing four and a half stars out of five stars.

State-of-the-Art Treadmill Desk Design

The ThermoDesk Ellure Treadmill Desk is designed with the latest in manufacturing technology to provide long-lasting quality for any office. The Ellure's desk top is machine-sculpted into a dense, reliable MDF core, and finished with the most advanced lamination technique on any desk: 3D lamination. Through extreme heat and pressure, a sheet of durable Omnova Surf(x) laminate is applied to the wood core, forming a seamless finish all across the table top. This unique 3D lamination process seals the Ellure's rounded corners, contoured edges, and 3"-wide grommet holes in a beautiful, uninterrupted finish.

This 3D lamination technology also helps maintain the integrity of the desk top by forming a protective barrier around the wood core. The ThermoDesk Ellure’s Omonva Surf(x) laminate is more resistant to punctures and abrasions than other finishes, and renders the bond it forms to the desk top is impervious to moisture damage, preventing the warping and delaminating that affects more common high-pressure laminate table tops. Also used in hospital settings, this laminate will stand up to harsh cleaning chemicals without marring or discoloration, making this desk easy to clean.

The ThermoTread GT is designed from the ground up for quality and durability. Its components have been upgraded to provide a superior walking experience in the office. A 1"-thick Bakelite deck provides unmatched stability and durability. Its 3.0-horsepower, 4000-RPM motor, and heavy-duty drivetrain are purpose-built for walking. Where other treadmills, repurposed from running equipment, often fail sooner rather than later after running for many hours at low walking speeds, the ThermoTread GT's gearing ratio is ideally tuned to low-speed use, and can stand up to the unique stresses of walking for long periods of time. All of these components contribute to the ThermoTread's unrivaled performance, resulting in a 400lb weight rating and 24x7 duty cycle. To other treadmill manufacturers, weight rating and duty cycle are nothing more than marketing language. But the ThermoTread's impressive figures are engineered using finite element analysis, verified using machine-simulated, real-world, stress testing.

Future-Proof Treadmill Software

The ThermoTread's state-of-the-art design extends beyond what's under the hood. It is the first and only office treadmill to feature a full-color touchscreen console. Far and away more responsive and more powerful than the typical gym-inspired membrane controllers of other treadmills, the ThermoTread GT features a robust suite of fitness tools to further enhance your treadmill desk experience. All the basic performance tracking metrics are there— time, speed, distance, calories burned—but it is the first office treadmill with the ability to track the time you spend in each working modality: sitting, standing, and walking. It also features a built-in Pomodoro timer to set sitting and standing breaks, giving you more control over how you want to spend your workday.

Best of all, the ThermoTread GT's console is designed to be future-proof, able to deliver software updates and new features through an internet connection. Expected later this year, the optional iMovR CloudStation will transform your treadmill desk into an appliance on the "Internet of Things", unlocking even greater features for your ThermoTread GT. The CloudStation will be able to track the treadmill's electrical current fluctuations as you walk, measuring your walking speed, distance, and step count with greater precision than any other office treadmill. It will be able to deliver customized maintenance notices to help you keep your treadmill desk running smoothly for years.The CloudStation will also be able to communicate with the iMovR Cloud, where you’ll be able to store your preferred speed, desk height, and monitor height, as well as your usage data. Once uploaded, you can access your profile on any CloudStation-equipped treadmill desk around the world, and immediately start working in the same ideal ergonomic position that you do on your treadmill desk back home.

Office-Centered Design

The ThermoDesk Ellure Treadmill Desk is specially designed for the office environment. The Ellure's eleven available standard table top colors (with dozens of custom colors available for qualifying customers) guarantees you’ll find a design that's right for your office décor. The ThermoTread GT's reduced footprint takes up less floor space than other office treadmills, while still providing plenty of walking room on deck. The ThermoTread GT is equipped with two wheels built under the motor housing. This makes it easy for users to install or reposition the treadmill by lifting it up by one end and pushing or pulling it to the desired location. 

While walking at a treadmill desk is an exceptionally safe experience, many would-be walkers have found themselves stymied in their aspirations towards a healthier, more productive workday by the legal department over liability concerns. To assuage these concerns, the ThermoTread GT maintains a top walking speed of 2.5 mph, the fastest speed at which one can multitask effectively and without risk of injury. Furthermore, the ThermoTread GT is the only treadmill in the world that requires users to sign an electronic liability waiver whenever they start up the treadmill and before they start walking. This feature protects organizations against unsafe operation and potential liability, and creates a contemporaneous record of all equipment usage. This exclusive liability protection will allow organizations to more easily integrate the ThermoTread GT in their offices, and has already made it a favorite in law firms and departments across the country.

Personalize Your Treadmill Desk

The ThermoDesk Ellure adjustable height desk is available in eleven standard finishes, making it easy to customize your desk's look to suit your office. It is available in four sizes from 42"-wide to 72" wide (all 30" deep) and two thicknesses (0.75" and 1.125"), accommodating a variety of space and usage needs. You can further customize your treadmill desk with an assortment of accessories to enhance your workstation.

For 4" x 6" handheld samples, see our iMovR 3D Laminate Color Sample Kit to find a match for your workspace.


To optimize the ergonomics of your workstation and safeguard against shoulder, neck, and upper back fatigue, we recommend the optional monitor arm and Stowaway adjustable keyboard tray. To make your standing breaks more comfortable, order an EcoLast TreadTop anti-fatigue mat. You can set these right on top of your treadmill belt, and they help support your feet, legs, and lower back as you stand.

iMovR Mobile File CabinetThe new iMovR file cabinet provides an easy storage solution for any treadmill desk. These file cabinets are perfect for storing important documents, and are finished with the same durable 3D laminate encasing the Ellure table top. Available in all of iMovR's standard finishes.

Further protect your ThermoTread GT from static and dust build up with the RightSize Under-Treadmill mat, designed for both hard floors and carpets. Keep your treadmill running smoothly with the help of iMovR's treadmill lubricant, which reduces the amount of friction between the walking belt and the treadmill deck, and extends the life of the treadmill.

Order a grommet-mounted power node and charge your phone and other devices right at your desk, even at walking height. Or select one of iMovR's cable management kips to keep your treadmill desk neat and free of clutter like dangling cords.

View all of our options for your desk treadmill.

Bulk Orders

Please contact our Corporate Solutions Department by calling (888) 208-6770 ext. 2 or sending an email to to discuss custom color and logo engraving options, as well as installation details and large quantity discounts.


Just a small sample of customers that use the 
iMovR ThermoDesk Ellure

...and a small sample of customers that use the 
iMovR ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill

Rated Lifting Capacity                                                            200 lbs. under motion
390 lbs. stationary 
Product Weight* 70 lbs.
Crank Speed Three turns per inch
Country of Origin China

*Please note these items are typically shipped on pallet(s) due to their size and weight, and to minimize potential damage in transit. The pallet itself can weigh anywhere from 50 to 110 lbs. depending on the size of the largest item being shipped (e.g. table top), and other variables.

Ellure Standing Desk Dimensions


The ELLURE Tabletop
Lamination Type                                                                 3-Dimensional
Edging Ergo-contoured   

42" and 48" tops have one grommet, centered
60" and 72" tops have two grommets, each 19" from the left or right edge
Grommet diameter 3.0"
Fully 3-D laminated and hermetically sealed

Table Thickness


Available Sizes

30" x 42" - 39 lbs.
30" x 48" - 44 lbs.
30" x 60" - 55 lbs. 
30" x 72" - 66 lbs.

Available Standard Colors
See color samples

Light Maple
Almond Cherry
Hayward Cherry
Shaker Cherry
Clove Mahogany
Urban Walnut

Designer White (frosty)
Warm White (beige)
Shark Gray

 Durability Super-durable surf(x) 3D laminate
 Special Features Recessed nuts for attaching base legs; also aids in disassembly for easy transporting of desk
Pre-drilled for optional stowaway keyboard tray(s)
Country of Origin Michigan, USA



The ThermoTread GT Treadmill Base
Duty Cycle Unlimited
Motor 3.0 HP
4000 RPM
Fan Ultra-quiet, automatic activation as needed
Deck Type Bakelite 1"
Walking Belt Area 20" x 50"
Deck Height Under 5"
Deck Suspension 6 Compression Shocks
Belt Type Ultra-quiet 2.5mm rubber plus 2-ply fabric
Noise Signature (Measured at Motor) Lowest in industry - 42.7 dB
Speed Range 0.5-2.5 mph
User Weight Rating 400 lbs.
Side Rails Non-scuffing aluminum
Weight Treadmill: 147 lbs    Controller: 1.75 lbs
Gross shipping weight in box: 176 lbs (not including pallet)
Overall Footprint 67.5" x 28.35" x 9.5"
Boxed Dimensions 72.6" x 33" x 12.4"
Lubrication Easy-lift belt, no-mess lubrication takes 1 minute
Service Organizaiton Spirit US
  • iMovR CloudStation (Coming soon!)


The ThermoTread GT Desktop Console
Controller Type High resolution, touch-screen LCD. Has a USB port for easy download of future software upgrades.
Basic Display Capabilities
  • Distance, speed, time, calories burned
  • User login and liability waiver
Display Capabilities with Upcoming Optional iMovR CloudStation
  • Single-touch mode change from sitting to standing to walking
  • Step count
  • More detailed historical usage data
  • Lubrication sensing and maintenance alerts
  • Leaderboards
  • Much more
Internet Connectivity Using iMovR CloudStation, 100% real-time connectivity to the iMovR Cloud. Uploads user and machine performance, downloads user preferences (for treadmill and desk settings), and other advanced software features.
Console Dimensions 7.25" x 4.125" x 6"
Weight 1.75 lbs.

Warranty Program

We offer an unparalleled warranty, reflecting our confidence in the manufacturing quality of this treadmill desk workstation. See our official Warranty Policy  to register your product or view specific warranty limitations.

ThermoDesk Ellure Stand Up Desk Warranty Details

  • Lifetime on steel frame
  • 5 years on tabletop
  • 2 years on moving parts

ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill Warranty Details

  • 3 years on motor
  • 2 years on parts
  • 1 year on labor

Returns and Exchanges

We offer a 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you receive your ThermoDesk treadmill desk workstation and decide it is not what you are looking for, or would like to exchange it, please send it back and we will give you a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee. Customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs of the return. The product must be in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. Simply email us at or call (888) 208-6770 for a return merchandise authorization number. Please note that shipping and handling costs are nonrefundable.

If you receive your ThermoDesk treadmill desk workstation and decide you would like to exchange it, please contact us for an exchange merchandise authorization number. The product must be in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. Upon receipt of the exchanged item(s), we will promptly send the replacement. Please note that shipping and handling costs for original item(s) are nonrefundable. Buyer pays for shipping and handling costs of replacement item(s).

Standard Shipping

The standard shipping cost for all ThermoDesk treadmill desk workstations is $249. This flat rate applies to any major metropolitan region within the continental United States, and includes all options purchased with a treadmill desk workstation, such as monitor arms and keyboard trays.

Most ELLURE desks—and all desks that are shipped with Room of Choice or White Glove Installation options (see below)—are shipped via freight carrier. You'll receive a tracking number by email once the product has been scheduled to be picked up by the freight carrier. 

  • All of our desks and tables are made-to-order in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and shipped out within 5 to 7 business days from date of order.
  • Delivery to any major metro area within the continental US takes 3 to 5 business days from when it leaves our factory. More remote areas can take an additional 1 to 4 days. These delivery times are based on ideal weather conditions and the dispatcher's ability to reach the customer by phone to schedule delivery. Please allow for extra time if there is inclement weather anywhere between Michigan and your area. 
  • The vast majority of deliveries are made within 8 to 14 business days of ordering (not including weekends and holidays), depending on distance from Michigan. Southeast and Southwest US deliveries can take longer.
  • dispatcher will call you 24 hours in advance to confirm the address and a convenient 4-hour window for delivery. Delivery times are available from 7am to 7pm in most markets.
  • Standard delivery is to the first covered threshold. In apartment buildings and office buildings this would be to the lobby, if there is a doorman or receptionist. If there is no covered area to place the delivery in, it will be taken as close as possible to the building structure, which may be curbside, and it will be the customer's responsibility to unload the pallet and bring merchandise into the building. 
  • For inside delivery, select Room of Choice or White Glove Delivery (see below). Note that White Glove Delivery includes Room of Choice.
  • White Glove Delivery always includes factory pre-assembly and testing.
  • Some smaller desk systems may be shipped by FedEx Ground. Manufacturing and delivery times will be similar to freight shipments described above.
  • NYC deliveries, non-standard delivery times, and other special delivery options requested by the recipient, as well as delivery to addresses that are more than 50 miles away from our freight carriers' designated hubs may be subject to additional delivery surcharges.

A. Room of Choice Delivery

Standard shipping brings your new desk or table to the first covered threshold. With Room of Choice the two-man delivery crew will bring all the components all the way to the room where your desk or table will go. Elevator trips, and up to two flights of stairs, are included in the price. Note: this service level may not be available in certain rural areas.

B. Pre-Assembly Option

We do everything possible to make assembly of our desks and tables easy. Typical desk assembly takes only 20 to 45 minutes - depending on the model - if you have a helper. (Add a little time if you ordered a keyboard tray, monitor arm, or other accessories.) However, we do offer factory pre-assembly on most models (exceptions: Upsilon and corner desks). Conference tables are always shipped pre-assembled. 

C. White Glove Delivery 

Our most popular shipping upgrade, the two-man crew will deliver your factory pre-assembled and fully-tested desk to your room of choice, set it up, and cart away the pallet and all packaging materials. If a treadmill is included in the purchase it will also be removed from the box and set up. Installation of accessories such as monitor arms, keyboard trays, power nodes and cable management kits are not included in the white glove delivery service. Note: this service level may not be available in certain rural areas.

Tips for Success

It is our desire to get your product to you as safely and quickly as possible! To help us make this possible, here are a few things you can do to help if you've ordered a desk system that will be delivered by freight:

  • Provide us with the best phone number for the delivery dispatcher to reach you, or someone in your receiving department (they will typically call within 24 hours of the shipment reaching your local area). 
  • Deliveries cannot be reliably scheduled by voicemail so please provide a backup phone number if possible. 
  • Letting us know in advance whether the address is residential or commercial, and if the latter, if there is loading dock access, will speed the process. 
  • You can send us this information by email to referencing your name and order number, and we will make sure the information is relayed to the carrier doing the delivery. 

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Other Countries

Hawaii, Alaska and international customers have two options:

  1. We can ship to any freight forwarder in the continental US for the same flat rate as to any other domestic customer. It would be your responsibility to select a freight forwarder, set up an account, and negotiate freight forwarding rates. If you go with this option, contact us at or (425) 999-3550 with your order details and the delivery address for your freight forwarder, and we will get back to you with pallet dimensions, weights, and any other information required for your forwarder to generate a quote for you. 

  2. For international customers, the product can be shipped directly to you via DHL Global Freight (ocean) or DHL Express (typically 2-day or 3-day air). Please contact us with complete order details, full shipping address, and contact information so that we may generate a quote for you. By default, we will generate a quote for DHL Global Freight (ocean/ground) shipping only — unless you indicate you would like DHL Express (air) or both rates to compare. Please allow 24-72 hours to turn around an international delivery quote.

Note for Canadian, Mexican and Overseas International Customers: You will be responsible for any customs duties and taxes that may be due to your government. The carrier (DHL) will collect these at the time they contact you to schedule your delivery. 

iMovR Delivery & Installation Options

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