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Isn't technology just wonderful? This website wouldn't be possible without it. Humans rely on technology - and especially computers - more and more every day, to help them do their jobs, connect with friends around the world, and provide us with endless hours of entertainment. But technology has also been the enemy of modern man, the very thing that has forced us into the unnatural act of sitting in a chair for many hours on end. As much as we may love our computers, our TVs, and even our cars, they are robbing us of the movement our bodies need, and plundering our thermogenesis.

The dictionary defines thermogenesis as "the production of heat, especially in an animal body by physiological processes." Fancy word, but what it really boils down to is that if you stop moving, your body's metabolism will slow down. Our levels of thermogenesis have declined significantly from that of our parents and grandparents, as our technology-enabled lives have become more sedentary. The effect of so-called "sitting disease" is just recently becoming well understood. The impact that it has had on the populations' struggles with obesity and diabetes, back and muscle pains, circulatory issues, and even life span, is finally getting mainstream recognition, and millions of people have been discovering new ways to get their daily thermogenesis levels to rise back up again.

"Sitting is the new smoking," says the American Medical Association. Enlightened employers are responding by enabling their workers to get more movement in their daily work lives, while still getting their work done (and often more productively than they ever used to from a chair). Standing desks and treadmill desks are becoming the new, new thing. Adoption rates are ramping. The path is set.

An industry of standing desk, treadmill desk and accessory suppliers has sprung up, almost overnight, in response to the wave of new consumer and corporate demand. Our sister company, WorkWhileWalking.com was the first website (and today still the most trafficked) to provide expert reviews on the many new products being introduced. WorkWhileWalking pioneered the "trialing center" where people could come in and try working at a treadmill desk, get help putting together the ideal workstation, and learn how to use it safely and productively. Because WorkWhileWalking was, and remains today, the only company evaluating all the products in the industry, and even selling the top-rated brands, it has become the most deeply knowledgeable organization devoted to this field.

iMovR was established to parlay all of the knowledge that the WorkWhileWalking staff had gained about standing desks, treadmill desks, and how users use them, into designing best-in-class products in each category. What you can expect to see from iMovR is unparalleled product innovation in this field. First out of the gate is our new ThermoDesk line of state-of-the-art adjustable-height desks. With advanced features like 3D lamination, exceptional adjustability, and unprecedented ease of assembly, our new designs are ideal for sit-to-stand as well as sit-stand-walk applications, and their overall value is unmatched by any competitor's offerings.

Stay tuned for many other new products we plan to introduce this year - all of them "best in class."

iMovR is a ThermoGenisis Group company.