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iMovR in the Manufacturing Industry

iMovR in the Manufacturing Industry

iMovR is the leading manufacturer of active furniture with options made in the USA that won’t exceed your budget. We offer a wide variety of sit-to-stand desks, standing mats, treadmill desks and sit-stand conference tables. It's been proven: Healthier employees are happier employees! This job satisfaction translates into immediate return-on-investment through lower job turnover, recruiting and re-training costs. Companies have seen reduced absenteeism and lower healthcare costs due to "sitting disease" and prolonged standing related issues - such as doctor visits/downtime dealing with low back pain, fatigue, metabolic syndrome and circulatory issues.

Our experts can help you redesign your current layout or help you design your new one, with adjustable-height desk options that are significantly less expensive, more ergonomically tuned, and more attractive than typical fixed-height desk systems from big furniture companies like Herman Miller or Steelcase. We even offer more desktop colors to match your company's decor (over 60 to choose from), and all of our desktops are manufactured with the latest 3D-lamination process for superior durability, ergonomic contouring, and aesthetics.  Our selection also includes a wide array of standing mats, monitor arms, keyboard trays, cable management, and other accessories.


High employee turnover rate
High healthcare costs
Recruiting and training costs
High amounts of stress
Standing long hours

iMovR Advantage

Reduce training costs
Reduce stress
Increase retention/productivity
Boost employee satisfaction/morale
Increase mental and physical well-being
Built-in click-wrap liability waiver

Popular Products for your Industry

iMovR has developed a number of products to make law professionals lives’ healthier and happier.

work from home ergonomicsDon’t forget about your road warriors. To identify the employees in your company who would benefit the most from treadmill desking and telecommuting, look no further than those who live the farthest away and those with roles that are both sedentary and predominantly solitary in nature (i.e. they don’t require face-to-face team collaboration time throughout the day). Allowing these employees to work from treadmill desks at home will drive improvements in their productivity, their health, and their job satisfaction while driving down your long-term costs for everything from healthcare to retention.

Delivery times are typically two to four weeks from order placement, depending on quantity. Whatever city you're in we can make all the arrangements for complete on-site installation, if required. For more information please contact us at

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Our trained office fitness and ergonomics experts are on hand to assist you in every way! Drop us a line, and we'll be right there.

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