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Energize Compact Standing Desk with Elevon Ergonomic Extension

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The Elevon Ergonomic Desk Extension is out of stock and has been discontinued. A new model of the Elevon Ergonomic Desk Extension will be coming soon. This will be available again once the new model is released.

This compact version of iMovR's Energize will fit snugly in your office—no matter the space constraints. Ultra-configurable with durable, high-caliber components, and American-made quality with Elevon Desk Extension for optimal ergonomic positioning.

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The Energize Compact Standing Desk is similar to the Energize Standing Desk, only with 24" deep tabletops instead of the standard 30", and no grommet holes. This bundle includes the Elevon® Super-Ergonomic Desk Extension. 


Energize Compact Standing Desk (24" depth)

  • Most Configurable Standing Desk Line in the World
  • American-made Quality, Import Price
  • Revolutionary Freedom Base—Built with State-of-the-Art Robotic Manufacturing
  • Extraordinary Variety of Tabletop Options
  • Exclusive Ergo-Contoured 3D Lamination
  • Neat™-certified

Elevon Super-Ergonomic Desk Extension for Sit-Stand Desks

    • Large, spacious desk extension offers 100% neutral ergonomic positioning
    • Installs on any standing desk in less than 30 seconds
    • Platforms tilt up to 85-degrees (30-45 in typical use)
    • Surrounds user in "ergonomic arc" for easy access to keyboard & mouse 
    • Available in 3 ultra-durable 3D-Laminate finishes: Black, Hayward Cherry, and Light Maple

iMovR Energize Standing Desk, Most Configurable Most Configurable Standing Desk Line 

The Energize is available in Compact (24”) widths, and three separate base options (including height extenders). Once you create the workstation of your dreams, we build it to order out of our manufacturing plant in Michigan. For those who want their desk ready to plug-in and go, we even offer factory pre-assembly and testing. Key to the Energize's cost competitiveness, state-of-the-art quality, and high performance is our exclusive advanced manufacturing technology. Our precision robotic base production combined with our unique tabletop construction deliver peerless durability and performance for a desk in this category. Above-average height range, lift capacity, and transit speed—all are backed by our industry-leading warranty coverage.

Our automated manufacturing is also responsible for the Energize's competitive price point. Production efficiencies—along with the fact we build on-demand, carrying little to no inventory—give us a cost edge over imported desk alternatives; they enable us to offer the high-caliber, American-made Energize at a comparatively low price.

iMovR Freedom Desks - Robotic Manufacturing TechniquesElevon Offers the Perfect Ergonomic Arc

Most keyboard platforms can only be tilted within a 20-degree arc. The Elevon's keyboard platform can literally rotate 360 degrees around its pivot bar. With the advent of height adjustable desks and treadmill desks, many users would be more comfortable, pain-free, and typing-proficient at steeper angles than they've ever before been able to achieve with a conventional keyboard tray (normally limited to only +5 to -15 degrees of keyboard tilt). For example, setting a 30 to 35-degree angle allows treadmill desk users to retain accuracy while typing much faster, and at faster walking speeds if on a treadmill desk. The reason for this is that as the belt pulls the user backward the natural response is to press down harder on the wrists to maintain hand positioning over the keyboard, resulting in strain on the wrists, forearms, shoulders, and neck, and pressure on the nerves at the base of the palm.

PerfectPaint™ Glide System

iMovR Freedom Perfect Paint™ Glide SystemThe Freedom Base is rated to 265 lbs. yet easily outperforms imported bases with higher weight ratings. This is because linear actuators (the legs of the desk) made to sloppy manufacturing tolerances have to overcome far greater side load stresses and friction compared to actuators on the Freedom Base. The Freedom Base's PerfectPaint™ glide system ensures smooth operation and scratch-free legs. Conventional standing desk legs use plastic end caps which wear down with daily use. The distinctive crimped tube ends of the Freedom base not only reduce parts cost, but are designed to last many years longer. 

iMovR Freedom Digital LCD ControllerWith a transit speed of 1.5 inches-per-second and whisper-quiet motors, the Freedom outperforms most imported bases. It even includes electronic anti-collision detection as a standard feature. The digital LCD controller displays the desk height in either inches or centimeters, and the UP and DOWN buttons cleverly double as your sitting and standing height memory preset buttons.

iMovR 3D Laminated TabletopsExclusive 3D Lamination Technology

Defining the state-of-the-art in adjustable-height furniture, all iMovR tabletops are ergo-contoured on precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment and then hermetically sealed with Surf(x) 3D lamination, providing superior performance to conventional high-pressure laminated, powder-coated, and even hardwood tops you'll find on other desks. 

Every desk manufacturer claims their tabletops are unique, but in fact most all of them use the same "high-pressure laminate" (HPL) surfaces. This means that a 3mm thick laminate is pressed onto a particle board or MDF core. If you remove the grommet cover of an HPL top, you’ll see a cross section of unfinished wood. iMovR’s tabletops are manufactured with much more advanced technology than standard HPL. They outperform all HPL and powder-coated table tops—even most hardwood tops—in resistance to dings, scratches, discoloration, and damage from cleaning chemicals. 

All the edges and corners of our tabletops are precision-contoured to create an elegant and ergonomic "comfort edge," while also rounding off those sharp corners. The chosen color or woodgrain image is then thermofused to the core using an advanced 3D lamination process that covers every exposed surface of the wood. This 3D lamination method is not only more elegant in appearance compared to standard lamination, it better protects the tabletop from moisture damage and warping, and guarantees a higher level of durability. So durable, in fact, that even strong disinfectants used in hospitals will not tarnish your tabletop's finish. Learn more about the advantages of 3D lamination, and about iMovR's commitment to environmental sustainability.



The Energize™ and Elevon™ are both a NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certified product; meaning its usage will help combat the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Standing while working is the first line of defense against sitting disease, as the small movements you make throughout the day while standing increase your body’s energy expenditure and heart rate.

Choose your Energize desktop and Elevon color:

For 4" x 6" handheld samples, see our iMovR 3D Laminate Color Sample Kit to find a match for your workspace.



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Light Maple

Light Maple

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Hayward Cherry

Hayward Cherry

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Choose your base color:

Freedom Base ColorsChoose from black, silver, or white PerfectPaint™ finish today.

Choose your Monitor Arm:

iMovR Tempo Monitor Arm

For the best ergonomics, you’ll always want to keep your monitor(s) at the proper height, distance, and angles. Monitor arms make moving your monitors easy, so you can find the right monitor position whether you're sitting, standing, or ‘perching’ at your desk. They help keep neck and eye strain at bay, and ensure you work in optimal comfort at all times. 

Curious which iMovR monitor arm is right for you? Visit our guide Selecting the Right Monitor Arm.

Choose your Standing Mat: Sit Less, Stand More, in Comfort

EcoLast Premium Standing Mats

Take care of your feet and get the most out of your new standing desk converter! A good anti-fatigue mat means more hours standing in full comfort, by reducing strain on your back, legs, and feet. iMovR EcoLast Anti-Fatigue Mats are made from 100% polyurethane material and won’t lose their bounce or curl up at the edges like cheaper mats. Designed to last a lifetime, they help you save time, money, (and the environment!) by eliminating the need to replace your mat every year. 100% made-in-America, these mats come with a five-year full-performance warranty, and are completely recyclable. Select an iMovR Standing Mat for your sit-stand workstation.

Manage Your Cables

Cable ManagementKeep your cables safe and organized and your new desk tidy with iMovR’s Cable Management Kit. These kits are easy to install, and include a variety of versatile and reusable components to allow you to easily reconfigure your cable bundles time and time again. For minimal cable needs, choose the Basic Kit, reusable cable ties, adhesive mounting brackets, and magnetic cable guides. Most users will want to opt for the Advanced Kit, which includes a 7-outlet surge protector with a 12'-long cord and a 24" cable trough to hold it and any excess cable bundles. The surge protector and trough together make it so that you only need to make sure the surge protector’s cord has enough slack for your desk to reach its top height. With twelve feet to work with you’ll have plenty of flexibility to place your new desk as far or close to the wall outlet as possible.

Make It Mobile

Locking Caster Wheels for DesksNeed more mobility in your desk? The 8mm caster wheel set replaces your new Energize desk's leveling feet with four locking casters to help you shift your desk where you need it easily and safely. These casters are designed to screw into provided recessed threading on the feet of your Energize desk, and installation is very simple. Just remove the desk’s leveling pads, use the included wrench to screw in the casters, flip it back on its wheels with a helper and you’re good to go! Lock the casters when you find a good spot, unlock them to glide to a different one.

Bulk Orders

Please contact our Corporate Solutions Department to discuss custom color and logo engraving options, as well as installation details and large quantity discounts at (888) 208-6770  ext. 3 or email us at corporatesolutions@imovr.com


$100 Conquest Rebate—Exclusive Offer!

Do you have a competing standing desk like an UpLift or Varidesk and want a better product? Send us a photo of your old model, and we'll send you an Energize or any other iMovR standing desk for $100 off! For more details, see our Conquest Rebate page.

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Product Specifications

Energize Base

Rated Lifting Capacity 265 lbs.
Stroke 460 mm 
Height Range 25.7" to 43.8" not including top, leveling feet fully closed
Product Weight 60 lbs.
Average Travel Speed                                 1.5 inches per second
Controller Type Digital LCD Readout with two memory presets
Special Features Acceleration and Deceleration Dampening
Country of Origin USA

Energize Tabletop

Lamination Type 3D
Edging Ergo-contoured
Grommet Holes No grommet hole option on 24" depth 
Table Thickness 0.750" or 1.125"
Durability Extremely durable
Country of Orgin  USA

Elevon Desk Extension

Product Dimensions 45.57" Wide x 23.96" Deep x 4.1" Thick
Product Weight 21 lbs
Shipping Weight 27 lbs
Country of Origin  USA

Product Dimensional Diagrams



Energize Compact Standing Desk

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Ten-year warranty on all motors and electronics
  • Five-year warranty on the 3D laminated tabletop

Elevon Ergonimic 

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Five year warranty on the 3D laminated tabletop

iMovR Warranty Registration Form

Returns and Exchanges

We offer a 100-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you receive your standing desk workstation and decide it is not what you are looking for, or would like to exchange it, please send it back and we will give you a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee. Customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs of the return. The product must be in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. Simply email us at customercare@imovr.com or call (888) 208-6770 for a return merchandise authorization number. Please note that shipping and handling costs are nonrefundable.

If you receive your standing desk workstation and decide you would like to exchange it, please contact us for an exchange merchandise authorization number. The product must be in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. Upon receipt of the exchanged item(s), we will promptly send the replacement. Please note that shipping and handling costs for original item(s) are nonrefundable. Buyer pays for shipping and handling costs of replacement item(s).

Order Modifications and Cancellations

Modifications and cancellations may be made within 24 hours of order placement, before custom manufacturing of the desk has begun. Thereafter, order modifications and cancellations are subject to the same 20% restocking charge as a return.



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This iMovR standing desk ships free anywhere in the contiguous United States. It is built-to-order and due to its size and weight, ships via freight carrier on a pallet, or occassionally via FedEx. Elevon Ergonomic Desk Extension ships seperately. 

Shipping Time Table

Desk Model Manufacturing Time COVID19 Allowance Shipping Time Total Delivery Time
Energize Compact with Elevon Extension 5–7 business days 0–7 business days 5–10 business days* 10–24 business days

*Note: If your order is being delivered to a residential address or if it includes delivery upgrades, you will receive a phone call confirming your delivery time and location before your order can be delivered.

To see complete details about our shipping service levels, methods of shipment, and options for Alaska, Hawaii, and other International locations, please see our Shipping and Delivery Upgrade Options page.