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iPhone 12 Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility

The iPhone 12 is an outstanding phone which many of us at iMovR use ourselves, but we have discovered that it is a little finicky when it comes to wireless charging.

As you probably know, Apple says that the iPhone12 works with all Qi-certified chargers available in the market. We understand that Apple may have some software fixes coming, but until then we have some suggestions to optimize the wireless charging feature when charging your iPhone12 on iMovR’s Spectra, Ellipse, and Dyna Qi-certified models:

  • Be sure that you have the most recent version of iOS loaded on your iPhone 12
  • Some users reported a hard refresh reactivates the wireless charging connection on their iPhone 12
  • Alignment is important - When placing your iPhone 12 onto the wireless charging pad be very mindful of alignment of the charging coils.  Previous iPhone versions (iPhone 8 to iPhone 11) had a wider “sweet spot” (about 1” diameter) for optimal wireless charging alignment.  However, for the iPhone 12 we have discovered that the alignment in the “sweet-spot” range is much smaller (about ¼” to an ⅛”). 
    • Therefore for best results, place your phone down directly onto the pad (vertical down motion) to make sure the sweet spot aligns within an ⅛”.  
    • If you get an error message, or the wireless charging fails, it is likely that the “MagSafe” enhancements in the iPhone 12 have triggered an obstruction event on the charging pad.  This happens mainly when sliding the phone horizontally on the charging pad.  To remedy, remove your iPhone 12 from the wireless charging zone to clear the error for about 30 seconds.  Once the error message on your phone clears, then set it down again on the charging pad with a more top down placement (vertical down motion.)
    • As mentioned, the iPhone 12 wireless charging feature is a bit finicky.  But once you find the “sweet spot” on the charging pad, it is easier to repeat over time.

Stay tuned - We will update this page if Apple solves this known problem for the iPhone 12.

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