Gymba, All Colors
Gymba in use
Gymba in use
Gymba in use
Gymba in use
Get work done on a Gymba.
Use a Gymba at home or in the office.
The Gymba is great for kids, too!
Kids enjoy using the Gymba.
Many exercises and stretches can be done using the Gymba.
Use the massage balls on the Gymba to improve circulation in your feet and reduce foot pain.
Gymba, All Colors
Gymba Foot Massage Balls
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR
Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board - iMovR


Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board

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2 reviews

The Gymba is a revolutionary balance board that is specifically designed to be used at a standing desk, not in a gym (although it has plenty of uses away from the desk as well!). With the Gymba you can actually "walk while standing," activating the leg muscles, engaging the core, improving posture and circulation, all while getting your work done. It does this without disrupting your concentration, inviting ergonomic injury or damaging your floors as other balance boards can.


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Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board

Ergonomic Balance Board


  • Multi-function muscle activation board does it all: balance board, twist board, exercise board, calf stretcher, motion board and therapeutic foot massager all-in-one
  • Patented Finnish innovation allows you to "walk while standing," boosting your metabolism, strengthening your core muscles and posture, reducing joint pain and inflammation, and even improving your mood—all without interrupting your work.
  • The ideal accompaniment for standing desk users, the Gymba relieves low back and foot pain from prolonged standing, improves blood flow in the lower extremities and oxygenation of the vertebral discs—all while keeping foot, ankle, knee and hip joints and tendons more flexible and less prone to injury.
  • The concave side is used for walking-in-place and rocking motions, as well as therapeutic arch stretches and foot massage. The convex side is used for calf stretches, toe lifts, heel lifts, back stretches and many other exercises and stretches.
  • Includes two repositionable balls—one soft, one firm—for stimulating foot massage and improved circulation throughout the body (great for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis).
Gymba Benefits

Meet the Gymba

Gymba in Graphite, Orange, and Blue

Balance boards may be the new "new thing" being pitched at standing desk users, but most are really just the same old, same old balance boards that were never specifically designed for the ergonomic considerations of actually working at a standing desk. They’re great for use in the gym or physical therapy clinic, but too disruptive to one's concentration to actually use while typing at a computer.

The Gymba is a revolutionary advancement in the science of "dynamic standing."

What Is Dynamic Standing?

Gymba Blance Board

Just as sitting for hours on end is bad for your health, standing for prolonged periods of time can result in the pooling of blood in the lower extremities and soreness in the feet and low back. "Walking in place" on the Gymba reverses these effects and yields other health benefits at the same time, all while allowing you to still get your work done.

Dynamic standing introduces small movements into your standing desk routine, increasing what The Mayo Clinic terms your NEAT™ metabolic expenditure, yet without reaching anywhere near cardio heart rates or defocusing you from your work at hand.

The Gymba can be likened to a super low-impact stepping machine, delivering numerous health benefits by lightly activating all the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips, and encouraging rotation of the spinal vertebrae.

Compared to static standing, working in even this relatively small range of motion will strengthen core muscles and thus improve posture, while improving circulation throughout the entire body (the calf muscles are often referred to as "the second heart in the body"). And all that helps keep joints well lubricated and vertebrae well oxygenated, in the parlance of exercise physiology.

Standing on the Gymba, Orange

Because of its unique design, not only does walking-while-standing on the Gymba not degrade your focus, the increased delivery of oxygen to the brain and the relief of muscle stiffness in the body actually improves your cognitive focus and even your mood, similar to but to a lesser degree as walking on an actual treadmill desk.

In terms of increased caloric burn, using the Gymba lies somewhere in between static standing desk use and working at a full-fledged treadmill desk.

Many users report feeling better hours after using the Gymba, and even the next morning, perceiving less pain and more flexibility than they had before working it into their standing desk routine.


The Swiss Army Knife of Motion Boards

Gymba motions

Combining features that would cost many times more and take up a lot more floor space to replicate with individual purchases, the Gymba is an ingenious multi-function device that does it all: it’s a balance board, twist board, exercise board, calf stretcher, back stretcher, arch stretcher, toe-lift/heel-lift platform and therapeutic foot massager all-in-one.

With a 660 lb weight limit, the patented Gymba design and its unique biocomposite material is designed for continuous use throughout the day. Just like our EcoLast anti-fatigue mats, it’s not only easy to clean, completely recyclable and virtually indestructible, it’s best environmental feature is that it’s built to last. And, unlike other boards, using the Gymba won’t impact your floors like a little jackhammer.

How You Use It

Stand in Balance

Balance Board

Calf Stretches

Calf Stretches

Walk while standing

Walk While Standing

Foot Massage

Massage Balls

Rocker Board

Rock Side to Side

Back Stretches

Back Stretches

Rock Front and Back

Rock Front to Back

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal Exercises

Use the Gymba’s concave side up to walk-while-standing. This is likely going to be how you use your Gymba 90% of the time. In this position you can also execute a wide variety of rocking and twisting motions.

This concave orientation is also great for stretching and massaging your feet, whether that be using the architected curvatures of the board itself or using the two repositionable massage balls that are included with the Gymba; one is soft, one is hard (see video).

A word about those poor feet that have to carry the weight of your entire body. The pressure on your feet increases as you stand, and standing still puts even greater strain on them over time. That’s why it’s good to give them a rest once in a while. The Gymba board relieves tension through its walking motion, but the massage balls revive the highly-innervated soles of your feet in a unique way.

Each Gymba massage ball can be placed anywhere on the board. For a more precise massage, use one ball. In order to massage a larger area, place two balls side-by-side. The best massage effect is obtained when using this feature barefoot or with thinly-soled shoes. Start off slowly with the softer ball and increase pressure gradually, eventually working up to the higher-density ball if it feels good.

Done consistently and with care, using the Gymba’s massage balls will relax the muscles in the soles and relieve strain on your plantar fascia. It will also strengthen and lengthen those muscles, while increasing blood circulation. Sufferers from plantar fasciitis or frequent muscle spasms in the feet will really appreciate this feature of the Gymba.

Flip the Gymba over to the convex side to unlock even more stretching and exercise features. Use it for calf stretches, back stretches, enhanced crunches, toe lifts, heel lifts, plus many other stretches and exercises (see examples in the videos), whether at your standing desk or anywhere you want to do some body work.

The Gymba Pairs Perfectly With An EcoLast Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Gymba is the perfect complement to an EcoLast anti-fatigue mat for mixing static and dynamic standing throughout the day (a little sitting is OK, too), whether you prefer working in shoes, socks or even barefoot.

Static standing on a premium, 100%-polyurethane anti-fatigue standing desk mat isn’t just more comfortable than standing on a solid or even carpeted floor, it inures other health benefits that include reduced spinal compression and low back aches, increased sit-reach flexibility and even an increased stimulation of proprioception neurons in the feet leading to improved balance. Most users find they can triple the amount of standing desk time in their daily routines when using an EcoLast mat.

Our favorite combo for standing desk users is the Gymba mated with iMovR’s EcoLast Portable Standing Mat; it fits perfectly over the 22″ depth of the mat. For treadmill desk users who have a TreadTop Standing Mat, the Gymba fits perfectly across its 20″ width.

Great for the Whole Family

Gymba for the Whole Family

Don't let your Gymba lie idle against the wall when you're not using it, pass it on to your kids to help them stay better focused on their school work; it will help them expend all that bottled-up energy that they can accumulate from long hours of sitting in front of a computer. Better yet, get them their own Gymba boards!

Available in seven colors, let each family member pick out their own from black, graphite, blue, green, pink, light gray or orange.

No-Risk Guarantee

We’re so confident you will become absolutely addicted to using your Gymba that iMovR is offering a 100-day satisfaction guarantee on this product, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. If you’ve tried walking at your desk for one hundred days and can’t feel the benefits, return it in gently used condition for a full refund.

Manufactured in Finland, the Gymba comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

For further reading and scientific testing, see our Gymba White Papers.

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