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Highly recommended!

by Jack M. 10/27/2017

I did a ton of online research and I'm extremely happy that I selected iMovR. My Elite standing desk is topnotch and wish I had got one long ago. I'm standing much more often than I'd ever imagined -- almost 100% of the time. The desk is high quality and very attractive. The desk surface is extremely durable and well made. The motors are quiet and powerful. The monitor arm is excellent and plenty strong enough to hold my wide monitor even though I got the standard arm, not the heavy duty version. I'm glad I got the Advanced Cable Management system; it makes a huge difference aesthetically. I don't really need the two wiring holes in the desktop, so I filled one with a Grommet-mounted Power Node, and in the other I super-glued a wire-mesh pen holder to the bottom of the opening, creating a sunken pen-holder that looks much sleeker than a surface pen holder. I couldn't be happier with my new workspace! My productivity is higher and my back and neck have benefited greatly. Couldn't be happier.

This solved my ergonomics problem.

by PSD 3/9/2017

My desks were the typical 29" high, and I was working at home all day behind a computer. 29" was too high and I was raising my shoulder and causing issues in my neck, like a pinched nerve. I love being able to go very low for proper typing height, but then also high enough to stand at the computer with a friend and look at things. It is a heavy duty thing. and very heavy. But it it well built. You do have do hold the buttons down even when using the memory settings. It's a safety feature, I guess. You know, so if a cord gets caught it does not yank your computer on the floor, or raise up and catch a picture frame or bulletin board on the wall.

TIP: Attach a power strip under the desk, and screw lots of Velcro straps to the bottom to hold cords. This wrangles messy cables, and reduces the number of cords coming down off of the desk to worry about when it goes in motion. Computer, monitor, powered speakers, lamps, and the desk itself can plug in to a desk mounted power strip and then just one power cord hangs down. Very clean and safe.

Five Stars

by Kelly D 3/3/2017

easy assembly and install. smooth and stable operation. good looking. very pleased

Outstanding Quality Made in America

by Briana 3/3/2017

Excellent quality, very solid and stable desk. I was concerned about a standing desk placed on carpet remaining stable. No worries with this desk; I usually work with it at 44 inches and it's a very solid performer. It took maybe 90 minutes to assemble, and the instructions were excellent. Customer service was prompt and courteous (thanks, Sondra!). Overall, very pleased with this desk and would highly recommend.

wonderful, smooth

by Itasca 3/3/2017

High quality, wonderful, smooth, works well -- an antidote to "sitting is the new smoking" !

Great Sit/Stand Workdesk

by Randyartoo 3/3/2017

I purchased the ThermoDesk Elite standing desk from IMovr in the full 83" width. The desk works exactly as defined and designed:
- it goes up and down reasonably quickly and without huge amounts of noise
- the desk is very stable, even with the large width and even at tall heights.
- the wiring package helps keep the wiring organized and in place (critical with two monitors, a backup hard disk, and stereo speakers)
The only issue I had with the desk is the following:
- Because of the large support frame under the desk, you cannot mount a full length keyboard tray - you need to either use a short tray rail (11" versus the normal 27") or mount the rail horizontally (which allows you to move the tray horizontally, but does not allow it to retract straight in). In either case, to fully hide the tray, you need to swing the tray around the pivot where it mounts on the rail and underneath the desk. It works fine, but is different than a "normal" keyboard tray setup. [Customer Service was great in responding to questions on this - Thank you Sondra!!]
Otherwise, the materials of construction are all good and it was relatively easy to put together.

Solid desk!

by DeepReviews 3/3/2017

This desk is perfect, everything about it is solid, super solid! I got the biggest one they offer.

Put it together myself (about an hour and a half). They really thought the design of this desk through - all the components are quality.

Attractive / Feature Packed / Excellent Value

by pinwheelsunshine 3/3/2017

Very happy with this desk! I compared a lot of motorized standup desks before settling on this one. I went with the Urban Walnut top and black legs, 83" model. I'm convinced that you get the most features/size/style/warranty out of this desk for the money compared to what other companies are offering. You can visit the iMovR website for detailed specs, so I will just give you my impressions and what I like about it.

-Assembly was straightforward. Clear instructions with pictures. Really easy to follow.
-It looks great!
-The motor is very quiet and fast moving.
-The control panel is very easy to use.
-Feels really sturdy, but of course if you shake it, then the thing is going to wobble a little. It's not more than what I would expect for a standup desk and is totally manageable when I'm typing, etc.
-Good warranty and customer service with no defects at all upon arrival.

I have absolutely no complaints except for how long it took to get here. The supplier of the black base/legs was late on getting them to iMovr, so that resulted in a delay in receiving my desk. It took one full month (!) to receive it. However, customer service was very prompt and polite when replying to my shipping inquires. Overall, I'm seriously very happy with it.

My iMac is attached to this heavy duty swivel arm, which is really great as well: "Innovative 7500-hd-1500 Heavy Duty Deluxe Flat Panel Radial Arm"

Oh, and that weird looking standup seat in the pictures is made by Focal Upright Furniture and is called "Locus." It's awesome. I recommend it.

An amazing product

by Jamie L. 1/28/2017

First and foremost, Eric in Customer Service was terrific. He guided us through our questions all the way to the final purchase. We had researched this on our own and had already arrived at the conclusion that the Thermodesk Elite was the best desk for the money. But he made it happen, giving us a great price and confidence that this was a great product. The delivery was on time, and it took us (we're well over 60) about 4 hours (including a short lunch break) to slowly and carefully put it together. But most importantly, it is an amazing product, constructed and designed at the highest level where functionality meets durability. And it looks amazing as well. This desk is clearly the finest of it's ilk on every level, from health and wellness all the way to productivity. Not to mention that we had no idea that laminates of this level existed outside the space program. It's easy to applaud a beautiful piece of equipment that saves our backs and contributes to increased productivity. Bravo...

Great Quality, No Issues

by Jake 12/21/2016

Very sturdy and elegant. I have been using it every day for 6 months without any issue. Highly recommend!

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(Discontinued) - Elite Standing Desk

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