Cascade Corner Standing Desk

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Great desk, Easy Setup, Built to last

by Dan 11/18/2019

I love the desk, it fits perfectly in my office space, I paired it with a Lander L-Shaped desk and 3 filing cabinets, and I could not be happier with the results. The assembly was just as easy as advertised, and supporting a US-made product makes the experience worthwhile. One word to the wise - be prepared for a great deal of packaging - cardboard and pallets. It ensured a safe delivery, but requires a lot of recycling.

Great treadmill desk solution

by Brent Double U. 7/9/2017

I've used treadmill desks for years. I find I think more creatively while walking, but find sitting works better for focused concentration. So I split my day between them. I got tired of my ad hoc keyboard tray and running treadmill and then switching rooms and desks to type seated. I've owned the Cascade for 6 months now. For me, it's has been a huge step forward--no pun intended. I got the smallest size to take up as little room as possible in a home office. It raises and lowers quietly, has plenty of power, and is rock solid for typing. I love the Steady Type tray. I paired mine with a (sadly ugly) Kinesis ergonomic split keyboard and a Kensington trackball, and together they've gotten rid of my repetitive stress injury pain.
Is this desk the most beautiful thing I own? No. But I've had prettier, less functional desks, and I'm not going back. Highly recommended.
(Note if you add the cable management kit as I did--give the adhesives on the clips, etc, a full 24 hours to cure after you attach them before putting a load on them. They'll hold great if you do.)

Cascade Corner Standing Desk

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