Energize Corner Standing Desk

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Dream Desk for Professionals

by Edward Sobek, Phd 3/5/2020

I love this desk. Perfect office desk. Easy to assemble. Immediate chat help if you get stuck. The fellow I spoke to helped me with an add-on. He knows these desks inside and out. It was Sunday afternoon. I was stuck with the add-on keyboard holder. The last piece to install. However, the drill/screw template was not created for a slim top, corner style desk. I had worked a good 2 hours on the desk, I wanted it finished. Everything had gone smooth up to this point. I immediately jumped on the imovr.com website, and went through their install literature. At first, I ignored the chat, and I was able to garner a good idea of how to proceed, but was still a tad bit unsure. I tried the chat box. Worked great! I finished the install 10 minutes later.

This desk is a dream! Problem is my wife is snagging the helm way to often (desk resides in front of a 55 inch monitor on a wall mounted, extendable arm VESA in bonus room) and grading her high school students' AP Environmental Science papers and exams. We bought it so I could work from home during the evenings and weekends. That was the deal, at least I thought so. But her students are important, so I jump in the car and drive to the lab. I suggested we get her one, but she won't spend that kind of money on herself. Something has to be done. LOL.

Desk Specs: Energize Slim Table Top - Corner - Center - 3D Shark Gray - 47" x 47" x 24" with XT Black Base, iMovR Trackless Keyboard Tray with Mouse Pad, iMovR CPU Holder and casters

Energize Corner Standing Desk

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