ZipLift+ 35" Standing Desk Converter

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We love the Zipfit

by Dawn Arevalo 12/12/2019

We love the Zipfit

We bought 5 within our office and everyone loves them. I find myself standing much more than I thought I would so it helps to keep me moving during the day. I actually just recommended it to someone else.


by Glinda Smith 3/1/2019

I just got this product yesterday in the post. I already love it. My grandma loves it. My kids love it. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! You should definitely buy it.

Would buy again; It is that great!

by Mark 12/18/2017

I purchased the ZipLift+ about a month ago for my home computer setup, but only recently I have had the opportunity to try it out.
The things I like:
1) The gas spring lifts. These things are quite. Might not seem like much of a concern but this is less of a disturbance to others in a quiet office environment. I also love the fact that the lifts do not have preset stops. This means that you can set the height of the desk to where it is most comfortable for you. I also like the weight that these will support. I realize that this is affected by the number and types of monitors that you have, but I find that these air pistons easily support the weight of the desk, an Amazon Basics double monitor arm, and two Samsung LED 22" monitors. I realize that heavier monitors will make it harder to lift the table, but these air pistons really work great. When I lower the table, I need to push down on the table as the weight of the monitors and all is not enough to cause the pistons to go down.
2) I like the fact that the handles to release the desk to raise and lower the table are fairly much toward the front of the table and keyboard. I find that another desk riser that I use has a large keyboard tray. This sticks out quite a way out in front of the release levers. This affects my position and how easy it is to raise and lower the table. Because the ZipLift+ keyboard tray does not stick out real far, it is easier to raise and lower the table.
3) Price: The ZipLift+ is less than some of the better known brands. I purchased this product because I could get it with a monitor arm for less than some comparable products.
4) The Include anti fatigue mat. I did not really think about receiving the mat when I place my order, but to be honest, the mat is a very welcome addition. I would not have thought of it as being a necessity. Having used it for a while, I now consider it to be as important as the monitor arm or the desk itself.
What I don't like:
The keyboard tray is not real wide. I have a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard, and it is fairly wide and fairly deep. The width of the keyboard does limit my ability to use a mouse, but not as much as I initially thought. While the keyboard tray is cramped, I can still mouse easily enough.
All in all, this is a very good product. I would buy this again, but depending on the particular application, may consider the Heavy Duty version of this product.

Meets my needs!

by Mark 12/9/2017

I purchased the ZipLift about a month ago, but have just really started using it. Originally, I was leaning very strongly toward a Varidesk Product, but changed my mind when I saw a review comparing the Varidesk to the ZipLift and the Ergotron Product. Ultimately I chose the ZipLIft because of the price (I figured that I could purchase the ZipLift and a Dual Monitor Arm for less than the comparable Varidesk or Ergotron products).
I was initially disappointed at the small size of the keyboard tray. It will accommodate my keyboard (a Microsoft Ergonomic Model 4000 Keyboard), but barely. After using it a bit, I find that this is not as great a concern as I initially thought.
The ZipLift is easy to use, sturdy, and fits nicely in the corner of my home office. The best thing about the purchase, and this did not enter into consideration when I bought the product, is the anti fatigue floor mat. This is a dream to stand on.
Overall, I am pleased with the ZipLift and would recommend it to anyone. It meets my needs perfectly.

Really impressive platform...

by Pete 11/21/2017

The size fits well with my setup (side-by-side macbook pro on a stand and 27 inch monitor). Keyboard shelf fits my apple keyboard, mouse and mousepad with room to spare. I'm 5' 10" and the max height of the platform is the perfect, eye-level height for a very ergonomic situation. My body is happy.

Five Stars

by Mitchell 11/21/2017

extremely user friendly and comfortable to use.

sturdy and easy to use

by Gary S. 11/21/2017

Well made, sturdy and easy to use.

So I like that this one has more options rather than designated ...

by Nick P. 11/21/2017

I went for this particular desk converter as I am short - 5' 1" and saw others did not have an ergonomic distance for short people. So I like that this one has more options rather than designated stops. I was also worried about my two cats jumping on it -w which they have. The desk is very sturdy and can handle both cats on it and jumping on it. I like the angled keyboard as well. It was totally worth the extra money to not have to worry about the stops as others have. This can e anywhere and it works well.

I love my iMovR ZipLift

by K. Walker 11/21/2017

I love my iMovR ZipLift! It did not require any assembly. It is easy to operate and provides a sturdy surface for my computer.

iMovR Will Change Your LIfe!

by Stuart S. 11/21/2017

I love my iMovR ZipLift! It did not require any assembly. It is easy to operate and provides a sturdy surface for my computer.

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ZipLift+ 35" Standing Desk Converter

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