Tempo Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

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Stable and easy to use monitor arm for heavy montior

by Crumley 9/13/2020

I have a 38" wide monitor that weighs 9.1 kg (19.9 lbs) and wanted to get a strong monitor arm. The Tempo Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm is rated to 30 lbs so I figured it could handle the weight, and it does.

With this arm, my monitor is solid and doesn't jiggle around when at sitting height, and at standing height, there is only a minor wobble when typing or mousing that I don't really notice unless I look for it. I'm impressed by the metalwork on the clamp. This is no flimsy clamp. It's solid.

It's fairly easy to move the monitor around when I need to reposition slightly, and it stays where you put it once you dial in the counterbalance right, which is done easily with an included hex wrench. The counterbalance screw and gauge is easy to reach and adjust.

Be aware that the clamp only goes up to around 1 5/8" thick. If you have a 1 3/4" thick desk, that will be too thick for this. The specs say 1.67", so if you have a thick desk, measure carefully. I wish the clamp could go a little wider because I'd like to insert a thin plate to distribute the clamping force over a larger surface.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. This is not a cheap item but if you have a heavier monitor, you want to pay more than the flimsy arms.

Tempo Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

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