(Discontinued) - Elite Standing Desk

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2017):

Very happy with this desk! I compared a lot of motorized standup desks before settling on this one. I went with the Urban Walnut top and black legs, 83" model. I'm convinced that you get the most features/size/style/warranty out of this desk for the money compared to what other companies are offering. You can visit the iMovR website for detailed specs, so I will just give you my impressions and what I like about it.

-Assembly was straightforward. Clear instructions with pictures. Really easy to follow.
-It looks great!
-The motor is very quiet and fast moving.
-The control panel is very easy to use.
-Feels really sturdy, but of course if you shake it, then the thing is going to wobble a little. It's not more than what I would expect for a standup desk and is totally manageable when I'm typing, etc.
-Good warranty and customer service with no defects at all upon arrival.

I have absolutely no complaints except for how long it took to get here. The supplier of the black base/legs was late on getting them to iMovr, so that resulted in a delay in receiving my desk. It took one full month (!) to receive it. However, customer service was very prompt and polite when replying to my shipping inquires. Overall, I'm seriously very happy with it.

My iMac is attached to this heavy duty swivel arm, which is really great as well: "Innovative 7500-hd-1500 Heavy Duty Deluxe Flat Panel Radial Arm"

Oh, and that weird looking standup seat in the pictures is made by Focal Upright Furniture and is called "Locus." It's awesome. I recommend it.