(Discontinued) - Elite Standing Desk

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2017):

I purchased the ThermoDesk Elite standing desk from IMovr in the full 83" width. The desk works exactly as defined and designed:
- it goes up and down reasonably quickly and without huge amounts of noise
- the desk is very stable, even with the large width and even at tall heights.
- the wiring package helps keep the wiring organized and in place (critical with two monitors, a backup hard disk, and stereo speakers)
The only issue I had with the desk is the following:
- Because of the large support frame under the desk, you cannot mount a full length keyboard tray - you need to either use a short tray rail (11" versus the normal 27") or mount the rail horizontally (which allows you to move the tray horizontally, but does not allow it to retract straight in). In either case, to fully hide the tray, you need to swing the tray around the pivot where it mounts on the rail and underneath the desk. It works fine, but is different than a "normal" keyboard tray setup. [Customer Service was great in responding to questions on this - Thank you Sondra!!]
Otherwise, the materials of construction are all good and it was relatively easy to put together.