(Discontinued) - Elite Standing Desk

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2017):

My desks were the typical 29" high, and I was working at home all day behind a computer. 29" was too high and I was raising my shoulder and causing issues in my neck, like a pinched nerve. I love being able to go very low for proper typing height, but then also high enough to stand at the computer with a friend and look at things. It is a heavy duty thing. and very heavy. But it it well built. You do have do hold the buttons down even when using the memory settings. It's a safety feature, I guess. You know, so if a cord gets caught it does not yank your computer on the floor, or raise up and catch a picture frame or bulletin board on the wall.

TIP: Attach a power strip under the desk, and screw lots of Velcro straps to the bottom to hold cords. This wrangles messy cables, and reduces the number of cords coming down off of the desk to worry about when it goes in motion. Computer, monitor, powered speakers, lamps, and the desk itself can plug in to a desk mounted power strip and then just one power cord hangs down. Very clean and safe.