What is NEAT?

NEAT™ stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It refers to all of the small movements that we make throughout the day which burn calories and slightly increase your heart rate—actions like typing, standing, and of course walking can all be considered NEAT. In fact, any activity that raises your resting heart rate by more than 10% is considered NEAT, as long as it falls below a 50% increase, which would be considered cardio exercise. It is the foundational benefit upon which iMovR’s suite of office fitness products is based.

The term NEAT comes from the research of Dr. James Levine, who pioneered the treadmill desk and shined a spotlight on sitting disease as an epidemic problem. His research into the myriad of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle identified NEAT as a key tool in the prevention of these problems. Now, with NEAT certification, customers can quickly discern which products enable NEAT—i.e., which products can help fight sitting disease.

What are the health benefits? Why is NEAT important?

NEAT promotes an overall metabolic increase, as well as increased energy expenditure, which leads to numerous health benefits. Chief among them is the lower risk of cardiovascular disease. You’ll burn some extra calories as well—but don’t be confused, as the primary benefit is a long-term reduction in disease, not weight loss.

Another critical benefit of NEAT is that it’s proven to increase your daily productivity. Increased blood circulation and an overall metabolic rate increase enable you to work more efficiently throughout the day. Studies have shown that walking, in particular, improves your ability to focus. Remember, your body was not designed to sit in a chair for eight hours a day. Incorporating NEAT into the workday lets you expend energy in a more natural way—we think you’ll feel the benefits pretty quickly.

What does it mean to be NEAT certified?

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Mayo Clinic’s NEAT certification program allows consumers to quickly and confidently determine which products have been proven to enable NEAT, meaning that they increase resting heart rate by at least 10%. You can then enjoy all the health benefits of NEAT through regular use of the product.

The NEAT Certification process involves rigorous lab testing by Mayo Clinic. Users of NEAT products can rest assured that those products do in fact enable NEAT, while uncertified products may not have been proven to do so.

Which iMovR Products are NEAT Certified?

The following products have received official NEAT certification:

These products are certified to increase resting heart rate by more than 10% (Thermotread GT, standing desks), or to enable behavior which increases heart rate by more than 10% (standing mats).

Dr. James Levine paved the way with his research into NEAT and his subsequent invention of the treadmill desk. iMovR, as the manufacturer of the world’s first treadmill designed specifically for office use, is proud to lead the fitness revolution taking place in offices all over the world. We hope you’ll join us in creating workspaces that are both healthier and more productive!

NEAT™-certified is a trademark of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and used under license.