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iMovR Treadmill Desks and Standing Desks

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Electric Adjustable-Height Desks

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The SteadyType keyboard tray built
into the Uptown sit stand desk

iMovR Elite - Choose From 4 Sizes & 11 Standard Finishes


The stand up desk that is the ultimate blend
of elegance and quality. Made in America

Omega Everest - Choice of 4 Sizes & 11 Standard Finishes, and 4 Keyboard Tray Configurations

Omega Everest

The productivity-boosting SteadyType
keyboard tray built into the Elite sit stand desk

Economical Adjustable-Height Desks

iMovR Upsilon- Choice of 3 Sizes & 6 Standard Finishes


The most compact, economical
sit-to-stand desk made

iMovR Ellure - Choice of 4 Sizes & 11 Standard Finishes


Standing desk practicality defined:
Our best tabletops matched to our lowest-cost base

Omega Denali - Choice of 4 Sizes & 11 Standard Finishes

Omega Denali

The productivity-boosting SteadyType
keyboard tray built into the Ellure stand desk

Adjustable-Height Tables

Synapse Conference Tables - Choice of 7 Sizes & 11 Standard Finishes

Adjustable Height Conference Table

Now you can have your powered business
meetings sitting or standing with our adjustable height table!

Synapse Multi-Purpose Tables - Choice of 7 Sizes & 11 Standard Finishes

Adjustable Height Multi-Purpose Table

Basic sit-stand meeting table perfect
for department scrums, dining, gaming, and more!



Westin Hotels Offer iMovR in hotel Rooms

iMovR Announces Pilot Program with Westin Hotels to Offer In-Room Treadmill Desks

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired) - iMovR, a leading manufacturer of active office furniture such as adjustable-height standing desks, sit-stand meeting tables, and treadmill desks announced today that is it has entered into a six-month pilot program with Westin Hotels to make it the first in the world to offer in-room treadmill desks to their guests.

The iMovR treadmill desk installed in the Work While Walking room allows guests to get their work done at a state-of-the-art height adjustable desk while sitting, standing or walking slowly – typically at a speed of 1 to 2 mph. The desk features proprietary iMovR innovations, such as a built-it SteadyType™ keyboard tray that optimizes ergonomics and ensures there will be no loss in typing speed and accuracy when typing while walking. Guests using the treadmill desk will be greeted with this friendly and informative video introducing them showing them how to use the desk and get the most out of their walking experience.

iMovR Provides 911 Emergency Call Center Treadmill

Emergency Responders Report Improved Well-Being and Productivity with iMovR's Office Treadmill.

Emergency response centers are home to some of the worst examples of sitting disease. Emergency service coordinators such as 911 responders endure long 12-hour shifts bound to their chairs, resulting in numerous health issues as well as back and joint pain. But at the Rural Emergency Trauma Institute (RETI) in Braxton County, WV, that's all changed. The company recently purchased iMovR's ThermoTread GT office treadmill to improve their employees' health and wellness. Workers at RETI have already reported relief from joint pain and improved productivity, according to this local news article.

iMovR, a leading manufacturer of active office furniture such as standing desks, treadmill desks, and adjustable-height conference tables, launched their new ThermoTread GT office treadmill in November of 2015. Since then, the ThermoTread GT has empowered hundreds of offices to give their employees a more active, more productive way to work, without the negative effects of sitting all day.

RETI has been encouraging employees to work on the treadmill a few times each shift, for 20 – 30 minutes at a time. RETI's 15 employees all share a ThermoTread GT, with plans to purchase another one soon.