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Power Management

Power Management
Power Management

Power Management

Our entire line of power management products are proudly engineered in Michigan and constructed using superior quality components. Many are made right here in the USA. Nothing beats American-made high-grade electrical components and rigorous lab stress testing, which results in a safer product.

Exceptionally sturdy and reliable, all our power module enclosures are made from steel, cast zinc, aluminum and durable polycarbonates, with all the mounting brackets made from steel and aluminum. The result doesn't just look and feel great, it will long outlast cheap imitations.

Power modules are serious business. To ensure the safest possible operation, our desktop power options are UL-certified, and tested to well beyond industry standards. Plus, our patented spill-proof designs mean you never need to worry about liquids getting into the outlets.

With an assortment of AC, USB-A, and USB-C outlets, as well as Qi charging pads, you're sure to find a desktop power solution that meets your needs.

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Power Management by iMovR

Made in America

iMovR power management solutions are longer lasting because they are engineered for superior performance and functionality. With years of experience in manufacturing ergonomic office and WFH (work-from-home) furniture, every product we offer is specially built to promote healthy body mechanics and outlast cheaper foreign-made alternatives.

The majority of our power management products are proudly manufactured in the United States using steel, cast zinc, aluminum, and durable polycarbonates for enclosures with all mounting brackets made from steel and aluminum for unmatched strength and durability. Every device comes standard with patented spill-proof outlets that dramatically reduce fire hazards and are supported by warranties and customer support from US-based companies.

American-made products have not only proven to be more durable and longer-lasting, but they also support local jobs and reduce carbon emissions as a result of reduced shipping requirements.

Fully Compliant - UL Certified

Fully Compliant

Product: iMovR Fono

Electrical codes are designed to keep people and buildings safe from the dangers that electrical currents can pose, like electrocution and fire.

To be compliant with all the regulations that govern electrical wiring and power delivery in their location, whether the source of the regulation is a local ordinance, state law, or a federal agency (like OSHA), requires a lot of technical knowledge, but thankfully our electrical experts and engineers have already taken care of it.

Every power management device by iMovR has been designed to be compliant everywhere in the United States. Whether you’re looking to outfit a single office or multiple sites across the nation, iMovR power management is there to serve your desktop power needs.

Power Supply Essentials

Wireless Qi Charging

Many iMovR power modules have Qi charging capabilities

Qi, meaning “vital energy”, has quickly been adopted by international tech giants and is making its way into many of the most common consumer devices from smartphones and watches to even laptops. Leveraging electromagnetic induction, small metal coils in Qi-enabled charging devices create energetic fields. On the receiving end, your device uses a similar coil to pick up on the energy field and convert it into electricity for an effective charge.

iMovR’s Dyna, Spectra, and Ellipse provide wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices from smartwatches and smartphones to Bluetooth headphones and tablets. Each product offers unique functionality and aesthetics to match your workstation needs, all while freeing up desk space.


USB-C & USB 3.0

Product: iMovR Nano

USB-C is quickly becoming the global standard for power supply and data transfer. Charging 70% faster than USB 3.0 and with self-regulating power to protect devices from being overcharged, it’s not hard to see why tech giants are adopting USB-C at a rapid pace.

Superior quality isn’t just a matter of durability, but of functionality as well, which is why we’re proud to offer USB-C in our Rondo, Nano, Fono, Dyna, and Mojo power management options. Whether you’re looking for a two-way Bluetooth speaker, sleek under-mounting charging station, or robust desktop powerhouse, we’ve got you covered with the latest technology.

USB 3.0

Dyna Qi Wireless Charging

Product: iMovR Dyna

Although USB-C is taking the tech world by storm, USB 3.0 (aka USB-A) remains a highly prevalent and powerful port on many of our devices.

In order to meet both future and current needs, we’ve made sure to include USB 3.0 on all of our power management products so that your existing devices are covered.

15 Amp AC Outlets

AC Outlets

Product: iMovR Ellipse

Aside from our under-mounting Nano for portable device charging, every iMovR power management solution comes standard with a patented spill-proof 15 Amp AC power simplex with copper wire. Each outlet is specially designed to prevent current transfer between power terminals during accidental exposure to liquids, substantially reducing short circuits and fire hazards.

While the USB family continues to undergo innovative advancements, a strong and stable AC power supply remains essential. Whether you need to plug in a laptop charger, lamp, or other workstation accessories you’ll have the power you need right at your fingertips.

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