Unsit Desk Treadmill - iMovR
Unsit Desk Treadmill - iMovR
Unsit Desk Treadmill - iMovR
Unsit Desk Treadmill - iMovR
Unsit Desk Treadmill - iMovR


Unsit Desk Treadmill

Sale price $2,495.00 USD

Add an Unsit Office Treadmill to most iMovR standing desks to create an awesome treadmill desk. Compatible with all desks that have a 53" or wider desktop.

  • Quietest office treadmill base ever created
  • 50% more usable walking area than conventional rectangular treadmills
  • Ultra durable and reliable
  • Bluetooth sync to smartphone app

Need Bulk Order Pricing?

iMovR is pleased to offer the Unsit Office Treadmill by InMovement—the highest performance, quietest, safest, most ergonomic and most stable under desk treadmill available today.

While you can pair an Unsit Office Treadmill with any standing desk that has at least 40″ of free space between the lifting columns, any iMovR desk model with a 53″-wide desktop or greater will be a perfect match. And with our Lander line you can accommodate the Unsit Office Treadmill side-by-side with a regular office chair for a classic "sit-stand-walk workstation," by choosing a desktop that is 83″, 89″ or 95″ wide. 

With a low step-up height of only 5″, the Unsit treadmill is ideally paired with a standing desk that has an extra-high top-end reach. Only iMovR offers 6″ height extenders on all our made-to-order standing desks (Lander, Lander Lite and Jaxson) to give you that extra ergonomic range and increased desk stability, particularly for taller users. 

Another unique aspect of iMovR standing desks is our patented SteadyType Keyboard Tray, designed specifically for treadmill desk users. SteadyType improves the user's comfort when typing while walking, eliminates ergonomic injury potential, and restores the same typing accuracy and speed as when sitting or standing, all without inducing undue vibration into the desk from even the most aggressive keystrokes.

55% More Usable Walking Space

The unique form factor of the Unsit treadmill is 50% wider than any other walking treadmill. And it also features a shorter deck that takes up less room in your office. With a top speed of 2.0mph, the Unsit is a true "office treadmill," in no way related to cardio running treadmills, and that means the extra deck length is really an unnecessary waste. Instead, the extra width allows the user to more comfortable move around in front of their workstation without stepping into the side rails.

Designed For The Office, Not The Gym

The Unsit Office Treadmill is built to last. Where most other under desk treadmills are just re-skinned running treadmills designed for much easier motor loads, the powerful 2.0HP, 4000 RPM motor in the Unsit is properly geared for high torque at low speeds, since it has to be able to overcome the forces of a "dead weight" on the belt (versus when the runner's kicking actually assisting the motor to turn). There's a reason that running treadmills quickly burn out when used as treadmill desks, because their gearing and motor torque curves are poorly matched for walking at only 1-2 mph.

The heavy-gauge steel used in the Unsit is the same as you'll find on expensive commercial-grade gym treadmills as opposed to cheap home use machines. Everything about the Unsit's design from its library-quiet sound signature to its frame rigidity to its power train that is tuned for high torque at low speeds make it stand apart from all other treadmill desk bases on the market today.

The Safest Office Treadmill Ever Built

True productivity at a treadmill desk is about keeping your body moving while even more productive (and healthy) than merely standing, much less sitting. For optimal NEAT human performance, a typical speed range when treadmill desking is 1-2 mph. The Unsit launches at a super safe 0.3 mph and gradually spins up to your selected walking speed. With a top speed of 2.0 mph you'll be sure to maintain a NEAT cardio rate and not get to an exertion where your muscles will steal all that extra oxygen meant for the brain. Staying in NEAT range is what makes treadmill desk users never go back to just sitting and standing, once they experience how the productivity, mood and energy boost of walking in the NEAT range while working.

The Unsit also has two digital weight sensors embedded in the deck. These enable to important safety features. The treadmill will not start unless at least 50 lbs of weight is detected, so children and pets cannot accidentally start the machine on their own. If the user steps off the treadmill without first turning it off the unit will instantly shut itself off when it detects no weight on the deck, for another added measure of safety.

Even though it's impossible to drive the Unsit any faster than 2.0 mph, as required for safety certification the Unsit also has an emergency stop lanyard that you can place anywhere underneath the desktop and then clip to your clothing.

Sleek & Simple Controls Coupled with a Smartphone App

After the first few weeks of falling in love with their treadmill desk, most users really just want to start the unit up at their preferred speed and let it automatically turn off when they step away. The simple and small desktop console has only an on/off button surrounded by multi-color LEDs, that you turn to set the desired treadmill speed. This saves on desktop real estate and makes it incredibly simple to use the treadmill.

The console has a Bluetooth feature, however, which means you can connect to the treadmill to get all your basic readouts such as step count, miles walked, calorie burn, average speed, time walking and even time standing (since both are "unsitting time"). Data collected in the app can be shared with your Fitbit or Apple Health profiles, since we know that treadmill desk time is very difficult for most wearables to measure when your wrists are resting on a keyboard, not swinging back and forth.

Buy With Confidence

Adopting a treadmill desk is a big thing, especially when buying an under-desk treadmill without trying it first yourself. At iMovR we have a decade of experience helping thousands of users add a walking function to their workstation, and we've designed the world's very best ergonomic sit-stand desks for the task as well, with many thousands of customization options. In partnership with InMovement we've created the ultimate treadmill desk workstations on the market today, and we back it with our 100-day satisfaction guarantee and 15-year warranties on our desks. InMovement also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and robust warranty on the Unsit treadmill base (see Warranty tab for details).

The Unsit treadmills ships to your curbside via freight carrier, with optional Inside Delivery and White Glove Delivery upgrades (see Shipping tab for details).

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Additionally, iMovR is always pushing the envelope on active furniture technology. In addition to our pioneering R&D in the field of ergodynamics and a broad patent portfolio, by mid-2022 iMovR became the first manufacturer to have Bluetooth and smartphone app control be integrated into every single standing desk we make, and even our EMMA electric monitor arms.