SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray
SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray


SteadyType Slide Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray

Sale price $485.00 USD
  • Our patented SteadyType keyboard tray, now retractable for under-desk stowage
  • Unlimited range of tilt to create perfectly neutral typing posture when standing, sitting or even walking at your adjustable-height desk
  • Compatible with every keyboard and pointing device made
  • Rock-solid design is proudly 100% made in the USA from the highest-quality components
  • An absolutely indispensible ergodynamic accessory for treadmill desk users to improve typing speed and accuracy while walking

Designed for use only with adjustable-height desks, for fixed-height desk users we recommend the Trackless Keyboard Tray.

Color:Designer White

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SteadyType Slide

Because Holding Your Elbows at 90° Isn’t Neutral

Neutral Wrist PositioniMovR’s patented SteadyType technology has been a popular option on our state-of-the-art standing desks since 2014. The SteadyType Slide is our latest innovation in standing desk and treadmill desk ergonomics, allowing users to add the ergonomic benefits of SteadyType to their standing desk, and slide it out of the way more like a traditional keyboard tray when not in use. (It's all part of our groundbreaking research in the new field of 'ergodynamics' you can read more about here.)

For those already familiar with the SteadyType Exo, the wooden keyboard tray on the Slide is identical in every way. The difference is that the SteadyType Slide is permanently installed on high-quality, lockable slide rails. The Exo, on the other hand, is a portable design that can be attached to or detached from any standing desk is under 30 seconds, no tools required.

If you’ve been using a computer keyboard long enough, you’re probably aware of the need to guard against repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, by placing the forearms and wrists in the most neutral position possible when typing. Doing so reduces the strain on numerous muscles and tendons running from the fingertips and wrists to the elbows and shoulders and all the way up to the neck.

A truly neutral forearm position is one that is completely relaxed, hanging down by the force of gravity. Picture a sleeping astronaut. That’s neutral.

Obviously we can’t type on our computers if our forearms are hanging straight down, but the latest ergonomics research has shown that the 15° available on traditional articulating keyboard trays (AKTs) just isn't enough. A steeper angle will create a more neutral typing posture, which will always translate to less discomfort, less potential for injury, and a higher typing proficiency.

Simple Installation for a Wide Range of Desks

There are millions of standing desks out there without any keyboard tray at all, and the reasons are twofold. First, installing a conventional keyboard tray on a conventional office desk can be an arduous task. Even if you have the ideal power tools for the job it can still take over an hour for a first-timer. Second, most sit-stand desks have a stability crossbar running between the left and right lifting columns. This prevents the installation of the rail that the majority of keyboard trays use, which typically needs 17" - 21" of free depth as measured from the front edge of the desk.

We designed the SteadyType Slide to require only 15" of free depth and 31" of free width. Which means it can be installed on most standing desks that have a cantilevered, or "C-Leg" frame. (Desks with T-Leg frames typically do not have 15" of depth available.)

Compared to most retractable keyboard trays, SteadyType Slide can be steadfastly installed with relative ease. The unit comes fully assembled and installs under your desktop with only eight screws. In fact, if you have a 30"-deep Jaxson or Lander desk from iMovR, your desktop is already pre-drilled for accepting the SteadyType Slide. Note that these slide rails utilize the same pre-drilled holes as the iMovR Premium Drawer, so you can only choose one of these accessories to be mounted using the pre-drilled holes.

Finally, a fully ergonomic keyboard tray designed specifically for standing desks and treadmill desks that also tucks neatly away, just like you've come to expect from conventional AKTs!

Find Your Perfect Typing Angle

Find Your Perfect Typing Angle with Steady Type Slide Rotation

With the freedom to rotate a complete 360° around its axis, the keyboard tray on the SteadyType Slide can be set to technically any angle. In practical use, however, most standing desk users will find that an angle of -20–35° suits them best. Touch typists that do not need to keep the keycaps in view can enjoy even steeper, more neutral tilt angles. Gamers that like to use their keyboard trays with a positive tilt angle will enjoy the same limitless adjustment range.

For treadmill desk users, using an even steeper angle will eliminate pressure on the base of the palms and tension from holding the fingertips in position on the keyboard, especially at higher walking speeds.

Whether you use the SteadyType Slide while standing, walking, or simply sitting, it only takes a couple of minutes to find the “sweet spot” keyboard angle and desk height for your particular anthropometry (see our how-to video).

Keep Your Shoulders BackKeeps Your Shoulders Back

The rubber bumpers on the SteadyType Slide are designed to perform two functions at once. First, they keep the keyboard from sliding off the tray at steeper angles.

Second, they allow the user to position their keyboards as close to their bodies as possible, to minimize shoulder hunch. This patented feature is unique to iMovR SteadyType trays.

Compatible With All Keyboards and Pointing Devices

Pins and Bumpers in Steady Type Slide

Four adjustable bumpers that go into any of the seven slots on the 28”-wide keyboard tray of the SteadyType Slide make it possible to accommodate all keyboard designs, even those with variable contour lines along their back edge. Even more impressively, they work with split keyboards commonly prescribed by ergonomists to users who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other ergonomic maladies. Each keyboard half can be individually canted to completely eliminate any radial or ulnar deviation—the technical term for when the wrists are skewed out of alignment with the forearm.

Up to four fencing pins are used to create a cradle where your mouse or other device will rest when the tray is set to a steep angle. With the pins correctly positioned, you can simply let go of the mouse and it will slide into its cradle, keeping it always close at hand and preventing it from sliding off the tray.

Configure Your Workstation Steady Type Slide

While the SteadyType Slide works perfectly well with any conventional keyboard, it’s ideally paired with an ergonomically oriented keyboard with a built-in gel wrist pad, such as the Microsoft, Kinesis or Perixx keyboards, among many others.

Any pointing device can be used with the SteadyType Slide, including regular and vertical mice, trackballs, trackpads and even joysticks. The pins for your mouse or other device can be arranged in one of three zones. Whether you are left- or right-handed, you'll find the SteadyType Slide easy to configure to meet your needs. Plus, if your ergonomist has instructed you use a split keyboard and a centrally positioned pointing device, there's a zone to accommodate that as well. There's no other keyboard tray as configurable or that supports as many users.

Rock-Solid Stability

With a number of joints and moving parts (like sliding tracks), combined with cheap phenolic resin plastic trays, many, if not most keyboard trays exhibit a bounciness that amplifies the typist's every movement, and can even transmit that movement into the desk. When seated, this effect may not be readily noticeable, but at a standing desk, it begins to affect the user's performance. With the added motion of walking on a treadmill, typing on a conventional keyboard tray can become a nightmare.

The SteadyType Slide, on the other hand, is made of precisely machined steel, ABS plastic and extra-thick MDF wood components. The supremely high-quality slide rails provide an exceptionally strong physical connection, making it virtually part of the desk itself. Once you set the preferred depth of your keyboard tray you can also lock it in place with the simple twist of a knob. This locking ability is particularly helpful for treadmill desk users, and a feature not found on most other AKTs.

Adding a SteadyType tray to any treadmill desk will improve the user’s typing proficiency to be the same as when standing or even sitting at their desk. The result is the complete elimination of typos that are often induced by the floppiness of traditional keyboard trays.

Any of Our 3D-Laminated Colors

The SteadyType Slide is available in all of iMovR’s exclusive 3D laminate colors. 3D laminates wrap seamlessly around the rounded edges of the keyboard tray, making it beautiful and comfortable to rest your hands on, or even lean against. 3D laminate not only looks great—it is extraordinarily durable.  Learn more about the advantages of 3D lamination, and about iMovR's commitment to environmental sustainability.

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