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Starting at $1,330


Lander Standing Desk

Starting at $2,148

Lander L-Desk

Lander L-Desk

Starting at $3,072

Lander U-Desk

Lander U-Desk

As low as $768


Energize Stand Up Desk

As low as $1093


Cascade Stand Up Desk

Starting at $1017


Corner Standing Desks

From $79.95


EcoLast Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats


Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board

Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board

Starting at $190

iMovR Desktop Lighting

Desktop Lighting

Starting at $429


ZipLift+ Standing Desk Converter

Starting at $2,717


Cascade Treadmill Desk

Why iMovR?

At iMovR, we're leading the charge against "sitting disease". Today's workforce is plagued by sedentariness in the office, and we're here to reverse course. From standing mats to treadmill desks, we create products that keep your body moving and active at work. We're pioneers in the new age of office fitness.

Our 5-star rated team of ergonomics experts has helped 1000s of customers find the right office furniture solutions, and we're excited to help you too.

iMovR standing desk, monitor arm, and power management
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