A Fundamentally Different Buying Experience

When it comes to equipping your employees with height-adjustable workstations, iMovR is unlike any other commercial office furniture manufacturer or e-commerce vendor you may have worked with in the past. Once customers find out how fast and easy it is to order fully-customized active workstations and experience the quality and technical superiority of our American-made products, they rarely go back to the old way of doing things.

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A Factory Direct Relationship

Making Desktops at the Factory

Where a typical commercial office furniture project may have dealers, installers, project managers, interior designers or ergonomics consultants involved each taking their bite out of the budget, iMovR’s products cost a lot less because we’ve eliminated or reduced the need for most of those intermediaries.

We did this by designing products that are exceptionally easy to customize online, order, receive quickly, and install quickly without specialized labor or tools required. Our sit-stand products are also the most tech-forward, durable and reliable that you’ll find anywhere. They stand head and shoulders above typical commodity-grade standing desks, whether purchased online or from a major office furniture brand.

Full Transparency

We proudly design and manufacture our standing desks and tables in the USA, with complete transparency on every component’s country of origin.

Prices, delivery times, warranties, return policies, ANSI/BIFMA certifications, and product specifications are always 100% transparent and easy to find on our website. Easy-to-follow videos and clear, full-color installation manuals are available for every product we make.

Exclusive 3D Lamination Technology

Manufacturing all of our height-adjustable furniture in the USA allows us to use the most advanced desktop production technology in the world. Our ultra-durable 3D laminates are available in more than 20 standard colors. We also have hundreds of custom colors available to match virtually every laminate found on existing office furniture you may be trying to blend with.

Because we manufacture on-demand, we don’t stock any desktops in inventory and never import cheap Asian knock-offs. Nor do we use the decades-old high-pressure laminate (HPL) technology to create our desks, unlike the majority of both the major office furniture companies and e-commerce sellers. 3D laminate is superior in every way, and the highly automated production process enables us to offer literally tens of thousands of desktop shapes, sizes and finishes on our desk lines.

(For executive suites we also offer over 20 different solid wood finishes on our Lander desk line.)

Never Worry About Scale Economies

Because of our highly automated factory there is no difference in scale economies between producing 100 units of a specific size and color of desk versus 100 desks, each of a different color and size.

That also means there is never a financial penalty for ordering a few more desks, or even a single desk, after a project is completed.

A Fraction of the Installation Time

Hiring professional installers has never been harder or more expensive. Getting on their schedules can delay your new office space deployment or remodel by weeks.

iMovR desks are designed for the absolute minimum assembly effort, and are shipped largely factory pre-assembled and pre-tested, for the fastest and smoothest installation experience you’ve ever seen. Assembly is so easy that it can be performed by just about anyone, such as the employee receiving the desk, a department admin, the IT worker bringing the computer gear, or someone from your facilities team. No special expertise or tools are ever required. All of our desks can be assembled by a single individual.

Compare these real-world assembly times to any competitor:

  • Lander Desks: 3 minute assembly time, no tools required
  • Lander Lite Desks: 8 minute assembly, no toolbox required
  • Lander L-desks: 11 minute assembly, only a screwdriver required
  • Jaxson and Q Desks: 13 minutes with an electric screwdriver

Incomparable Reliability

All of our Lander desks are built with state-of-the-art Linak lifting bases, robotically manufactured and known for their incredibly low field failure rates. All of our Jaxson desks are built with our exclusive brushless motor technology for similarly epic reliability.

We back these products with our industry-leading, 15-year, “top-to-bottom” warranties. To be blunt, we also don’t riddle our warranties with carve-outs like many of our competitors do. iMovR stands proudly and honestly behind the expected longevity of our premium-quality, American-made desks.

As a digitally-native company we operate with ample support coverage hours across all US time zones, so you’ll never have to wait long for pre-sale or post-sale assistance. Our Seattle-based live chat agents are available real time or via message with real time or fast responses after hours.

Industry-leading Ergonomic Solutions

Only iMovR desks can provide users of all heights with a stable desk experience, even very tall people walking on a 6″-high office treadmill. Our standard height ranges well exceed ANSI/BIFMA G1 Ergonomic Guidelines already, but we also offer 6” height extenders on all our desk and table models. No other standing desk manufacturer has this capability, leaving taller users to suffer poor ergonomics and/or a shaky desk experience.

Based on exhaustive laboratory testing at The Mayo Clinic, iMovR is the only manufacturer to have received their NEAT™ Certification for standing desks, treadmill desks, desktop converters and even our exceptional EcoLast anti-fatigue mats. This coveted certification signals to employers that our products deliver the “anti sitting disease” health benefits according to Mayo’s rigorous testing criteria.

iMovR has multiple patents in ergonomics, including our revolutionary SteadyType Keyboard Tray, which can be ordered built-in on some desk models, or attachable to any desk (of any brand), with a minimum of installation, for the absolute state of the art in standing desk and walking desk ergonomics.

Where other manufacturers sell a limited line of basic monitor arms, iMovR has six lines of ergonomic monitor arms, including our state-of-the-art EMMA electric monitor arms for supporting up to six displays. This is because monitors are the hardest part of setting up proper ergonomics given the many variables in monitor count and dimensions, workstation size and user height. You can trust our supremely well-trained product specialists to guide your employees to the best solutions for things like monitor arms, keyboard trays, anti-fatigue mats and other vital ergonomic accessories.

iMovR offers smartphone apps for the vast majority of our standing desks, the Lander and Jaxson lines. We believe in a future that leverages Bluetooth to coordinate all the motorized movements of an active workstation, commanding the desk height, monitor arm height, under-desk treadmill speed and other devices with a single screen tap to change your work mode.

Published studies have shown that having a smartphone app with a built-in “health coach” feature can increase the amount of time a user actually stands at their standing desk by 117%.

Free Project Design Services

You send us a blueprint of your space and a headcount for your staff, along with any customizations required for specific employees, and we will design your entire office space for you that will optimize every inch of real estate (only iMovR produced desktops on 6″ increments instead of the usual 12″).

iMovR offers more standing desk lines than any other office furniture manufacturer, which makes it easy for us to always find something that’ll work great within your organization’s budget.

Fast and Free Shipping

All the prices you see on our website are inclusive of free shipping to the lower 48 states. Small volume orders ship in our standard time frame of only 5–7 business days for 3D-laminated desks and tables. Desks under 6′ generally ship by a parcel carrier like UPS Ground; larger desks and tables ship via freight. Very large orders require a custom production time quote, and can be staged for spaced-out production and delivery dates to meet your deployment time table.