Standing desk converters are a very popular alternative to full-sized standing desks. At iMovR, we make a broad array of models to suit all the common workspace needs. This guide will help you choose the best standing desk converter for your office space.

How to Choose Among Standing Desk Converters

There are a wide variety of manual models depending on your workstation needs. The top 3 most common purchasing factors are listed below.

Why choose a desktop converter over a full standing desk?

The most common reason is budgetary. The smallest desktop converters cost about half as much as the smallest electric sit-stand desks. Some users’ desks are built-in and they have no easy option for removing them. Others need frequent access to their desk drawers and don’t want to buy a file cabinet in addition to a new standing desk.

Whatever your workspace, if you’re uncertain about whether a standing desk converter is right for you, please don’t hesitate to call us or ping us in live chat (bottom right-hand corner of this screen) to speak with a highly-trained workplace wellness solutions expert.

Outstanding Warranty Coverage

All iMovR standing desk converters are backed by a 5-YEAR warranty and our 100-day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

 *An important thing to verify when selecting a standing desk converter is its counterbalance force. This is different from the weight lifting capacity of the unit, which is usually 2x the counterbalance force. For example, if you have 30 lbs of monitors, monitor arms, computer equipment, etc., you’ll want a standing desk converter with 15 lbs of counterbalance force to make it as easy to lift the desk to standing height as it is to bring it back down to sitting height.

Should I Use a Monitor Arm with My Standing Desk Converter?

Other Factors to Consider

For proper ergonomic screen-viewing, we highly recommend using a monitor arm with compatible desk converter models. Monitor arms raise your screens high enough for you to avoid craning your neck downwards to work. They are a key part of creating an ergonomic workstation that will keep you healthy and happy in the long run. We recommend our ZipView line of monitor arms as they are lighter and more cost effective. See our article:Selecting the Right Monitor Arm for You.

ZipView Single Monitor Arm

ZipView Dual Monitor Arm

ZipView Unison - Dual Monitor Arm with Handle