We are proud to be the preferred supplier of office fitness gear to thousands of corporate, government, and educational institutions. Not only do we offer the widest array of office fitness products in the industry, we're able to mass-customize workstations to meet specific employee needs—whether it's space and décor matching, ergonomic accommodation, or budget constraints.

That's because unlike manufacturers that build their products in bulk and offer limited options, we build all our workstations to order, and ship them out of our Michigan plant—in just 5 business days. This way we can offer you a virtually limitless selection of workstation sizes, colors, and shapes, produce them quickly, and keep our prices low.

But the biggest difference working with us versus any other furniture manufacturer is how we engage with our customers. More than just a website, our team of office fitness and ergonomics experts is on hand to offer you every form of assistance imaginable, from helping gather information for internal presentation to management, to assisting your HR or corporate wellness team develop best practices for your employees.

Lander Desk