ZipLift+ 35" Standing Desk Converter
ZipLift+ with Monitor Arm Dual 24" Monitors
ZipLift+ with iMac
ZipLift+ in Black on Desk
ZipLift+ in White on Desk
ZipLift+ Sitting Position
ZipLift+ Sitting Position Close Up
ZipLift+ Ergonomic Keyboard Tilt 15°
ZipLift+ Lift Mechanism Handle
ZipLift+ with Monitor Arm Looking Up
ZipLift+ with Monitor Arm on a Desk
ZipLift+ Front View
ZipLift+ in Motion
ZipLift+ 35″ Standing Desk Converter - iMovR
ZipLift+ 35″ Standing Desk Converter - iMovR


ZipLift+ 35″ Standing Desk Converter

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Take your office to the next level with the the ZipLift+. A sturdy work surface, precision height adjustment, and a tilting keyboard tray keep you standing healthfully and productively. And pain-free on the feet. Now comes with a FREE premium EverMat™ Standing Mat from iMovR.

Note: Black is temporarily out of stock. If you need a converter sooner, check out the new Flexus Standing Desk Converter.


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  • Tilting keyboard tray +10° to -15° for proper ergonomic typing while standing
  • Rock-solid stability, including at full 20-5/8" height extension
  • Spacious surface fits 2 x 24” monitors, an Apple iMac, a monitor arm or a laptop
  • Silent Z-lift mechanism with infinite stops for precision height adjustment
  • FREE 18" x 24" EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat, 3/4" of 100% polyurethane comfort!
  • NEAT™-certified


ZipLift+ 15-degree tilt

Super Ergonomic Keyboard Tray 

Where 95% of standing desk converters lack the ability to adjust the keyboard tray angle, the ZipLift+ gives you a tilt adjustment range of +10° to -15° — so you can stay ergonomically sound in the standing position.

ZipLift+ Rock-Solid Stability

Rock-Solid Stability

Even at full height extension (20 5/8"), the ZipLift+ offers the best lateral stability of any competing product in the market. Keep concentrating all day without any interruptions from a shaky work surface. Supports up to 35 lbs.

ZipLift+ Spacious Work Surface

Extra Spacious Work Surface

Enjoy plenty of room for your monitor(s) with the ZipLift+'s expansive top work surface (35.4" x 15.7"). Large enough to fit 2 x 24” monitors, an Apple iMac, a monitor arm, or a laptop. Keep working the way you like even while you stand.

ZipLift - Infinite Stops

Smooth, Silent Z-Lift Mechanism

The ZipLift+'s advanced Z-lift mechanism improves on competitors' designs by using silky-smooth gas struts in place of clangy springs and sawtooth increments. The result? Infinite stops. You can move your desk up to any level with the squeeze of the brake paddles, in complete silence.

ZipLift+ Monitor Arm Compatible
Monitor Arm Compatible

The center grommet hole on the ZipLift+ can accommodate most any monitor arm, to avoid neck craning. This feature, lacking on most desktop risers, is crucial for good ergonomics, as most people find they need their monitors significantly higher when standing than sitting. 

FREE EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat!

iMovR EverMat Portable Mat

EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat ($49.95 value)

Take care of your feet and get the most out of your new standing desk converter! A good anti-fatigue mat means more hours standing in full comfort, by reducing strain on your back, legs, and feet.

Included with your ZipLift+ comes a free 18" x 24" EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat. It's 3/4" thick and 100% polyurethane for extra standing endurance!



The ZipLift+ is a NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certified product; its usage will help combat the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Standing while working is the first line of defense against sitting disease, as the small movements you make throughout the day while standing increase your body’s energy expenditure and heart rate.

Choose Your ZipLift+ Color

The ZipLift+ is currently available in black or white surface colors. 

iMovR ZipLift Black Color OptioniMovR ZipLift White Color Option

Add a Monitor Arm

iMovR Monitor Arm

iMovR Ergonomic Monitor Arms

For the best ergonomics, you’ll always want to keep your monitor(s) at the proper height, distance, and angles. Monitor arms make moving your monitors easy, so you can find the right monitor position whether you're sitting, standing, or ‘perching’ at your desk. They help keep neck and eye strain at bay, and ensure you work in optimal comfort at all times.

Curious which iMovR monitor arm is right for you? Visit our guide Selecting the Right Monitor Arm

Choose Your ZipLift+ Model

ZipLift+ 35" ZipLift+ HD

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