Meet our Designer, Vincent Leman

Vincent Leman

When asked what fuels his design aesthetic, iMovr’s designer claims “a mix of young adulthood steeped in custom cabinetry, and a naturally creative and curious bent. Determined to solve problems and make the solutions both beautiful and fulfilling to use.”

All of iMovR’s beautiful, handcrafted, solid wood desktops pass through the workshop of Vincent Leman, a lifelong woodworker and cabinet maker.

Vincent has the heart of an artist meshed with the practice of an engineer. He learned his craft from an early age, by helping to build fine, custom cabinetry for the family business. He graduated from Purdue University in 2000 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

The act of creation is a profoundly satisfying experience. Taking an abstract idea, giving it form, refining proportions, placing lines, integrating functionality, and giving this spark of imagination a real, physical presence is a process that gives me great joy.

In 2005, Vincent blended his engineering expertise with his love of the woodworking art when he launched his first business, Dust Furniture. Over the next few years, his fascinating and unconventional furniture pieces at Dust earned him several product design awards in the American craft industry.

Vincent furthered his education, and in 2013 he earned a Masters of Product Design & Development Management from Northwestern. He then launched a second business with a focus on modern furniture design. In 2016, the Indiana SBDC named him “Maker of the Year.”

When iMovR first sought to offer solid wood desktops for its premium American-made standing desks, it was Vincent who breathed life into that idea. All 36 varieties of the richly elegant solid wood tops are produced in a new shop on the shores of Lake Michigan. There, only honest materials and environmentally-friendly stains, sealants, solvents and adhesives are used, for the sake of both our customers and the craftspeople who lovingly make them.

Although business has been booming, Vincent still personally hires, trains and supervises all the handcrafters in the shop to ensure that each piece is produced precisely to his exacting, heirloom-quality standards.

This is only the beginning of the partnership between iMovR and Vincent Leman. Many more solid-wood office furniture products are in the design process right now. We’re excited to collaborate with Vincent and to feature his exclusive designs on iMovR.

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