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Our Story

More than any other company in the office fitness industry, iMovR has led the charge in ergonomics research, advanced technology development and manufacturing innovation. In a competitive field filled with copycat imitators that import commodity-grade products from China, iMovR remains years ahead in product design and manufacturing quality. 

We proudly manufacture all of our standing desks in the USA and back them with industry leading 15-year warranties, 5-star customer service and our 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. As a Pacific Northwest-based company we are also deeply committed to the environment through a variety of initiatives.

Where Technology Meets Design

iMovR is always pushing the envelope on active furniture technology. In addition to our pioneering R&D in the field of ergodynamics and a broad patent portfolio, by mid-2022 iMovR became the first manufacturer to have Bluetooth and smartphone app control be integrated into every single standing desk we make, and even our EMMA electric monitor arms.

But we’re also committed to designing the most beautiful standing desks in the world. Under the keen eye of our lead furniture designer, Vincent Leman, iMovR is rapidly closing the gap between the most beautiful fixed height desks that exist today and the even more beautiful adjustable-height desks and accessory collections of tomorrow.


Where Health Meets Productivity

For decades now, the office workers of America—over 100 million of them—have been seated at a desk for too many hours a day, enslaved to their computers. The result? As the American Medical Association put it, ‘sitting disease’ has grown to outpace smoking as the #1 preventable cause of death. It has silently contributed to the epidemic rates of chronic ailments in our society—from low back pain, circulatory issues and fatigue, to obesity, diabetes, and ultimately reduced life spans.

Since 2013 iMovR has been on a mission to attack the nation’s epidemic health crisis at its root, enabling desk workers to spend less time sitting WHILE getting their work done. Today, we offer a wider array of standing desks, sit-stand converters, and sit-stand meeting tables—and the critical ergonomic accessories to ensure maximum employee health and productivity—than any other company. 


The Biggest Difference Between iMovR and Our Competitors

Beyond the advanced technology, design and the way we manufacture our products, our customers have always told us that the biggest difference in working with us versus any other furniture manufacturer is how we engage with our customers. 

More than just a website, our team of office fitness and ergonomics experts is on hand to offer every form of assistance imaginable, from helping to perfect the design of that perfect home office workstation to assisting an HR or corporate wellness team develop best practices for their employees. We believe in “high touch.” More than half of the orders we receive involve an interaction with one of our super-friendly and highly-knowledgeable sales representatives.

Read through some of our testimonial reviews to learn more about how iMovR has already helped more than 50,000 customers find a better workstation solution—from independent professionals working from home to the Fortune 500, and virtually every major government agency and educational institution in North America.

Industry Innovation

A lot of companies call themselves “leading,” but few actually do. Here are just a few examples of meaningful innovations iMovR has brought to the office fitness industry:


Robotic Manufacturing

We became the first (and still only) standing desk company to manufacture on-demand. Even today, 95% of the desks we ship are made to order. And that means customers can choose from tens of thousands of options and have their personalized desk ship out in only one week (3D laminate) or 4-6 weeks (solid wood).

surf(x) 3D Laminates

We also became the first (and still only) manufacturer to offer advanced Surf(x) 3D-laminated desktops on our standing desks. Healthcare-grade, hermetically sealed and backed by a 15 year warranty, our ergo-contoured 3D-laminated desktops aren’t just gorgeous, they’re incredibly durable compared to the decades-old high pressure laminates still being used by our competitors.



iMovR’s patented SteadyType® technology first hit the market as an optional built-in ergonomic keyboard tray. This was followed by later releases of the Elevon, Exo and SteadyType Slide as add-on trays for any make and model of standing desk.


ThermoTread GT

iMovR launched the first enterprise-class office treadmill, the ThermoTread GT.


NEAT Certified Logo

iMovR became the first manufacturer to attain The Mayo Clinic’s NEAT™ Certification, for all our standing desks, treadmill desks, standing desk converters, sit stand meeting tables and anti-fatigue mats. 



iMovR became the first digitally-native standing desk manufacturer to attain ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 certification—the gold standard in commercial-grade furniture.

Lander Desk

We launched our Lander line of premium standing desks, the first to be 95% factory pre-assembled, and with a “no toolbox” 3-minute installation. It was also the first standing desk to feature Bluetooth and a smartphone app.


Solid Wood Top

iMovR added artisan-handcrafted, solid wood desktops (in 38 species/stain combinations) to our Lander product line, quickly becoming the best-selling natural hardwood standing desk in the industry.

Lander L-Desk

The Lander L-Desk was introduced as the easiest-to-assemble L-shaped desk ever. 95% factory pre-assembled, a single user can install it in under 8 minutes.



iMovR introduced the ZipDesk, the first premium-quality standing desk to ship in one box. 95% factory pre-assembled, a single user can install it in under 8 minutes.


Lander U-Desk

The Lander U-Desk was released, the largest standing desk ever created (up to 43 sq. ft. of surface area). 95% factory pre-assembled, a single user can install it in under 13 minutes.


Emma Electric Multi-Monitor Arm

iMovR released EMMA, the first electric monitor arm capable of lifting up to six displays and 150 lbs of VESA-mounted equipment. It’s also the first monitor arm to feature Bluetooth, and ConstantFocus™—the ability to position every display at an identical focal depth.

Jaxson Standing Desk

We also launched the all new Jaxson standing desk line, the first in the industry to feature new brushless motor technology.

Unsit Office Treadmill

We released the Unsit Office Treadmill, featuring 55% more usable walking area, library-quiet sound signature, and smartphone app for connecting your data to Fitbit or Apple Health.

Lander Executive Solid Wood Standing Desk

Once again, iMovR raised the bar for luxury standing desks with the release of the Lander Executive Solid Wood Desk, the world's most sophisticated and bespoke standing desk, featuring multiple drawers, a concealed electronics cabinet with an 1800W Executive Power Bus feature, and the very finest artisan hand-crafted solid wood finishes to be found on any electric desk.

SteadyType Slide

iMovR's SteadyType Slide was released, fulfilling the wishes of many, many customers who wanted all the functionality of the SteadyType technology on a retractable keyboard tray.


Lander Desk - Butcher Block Top

We expanded our wide selection of handcrafted, solid wood desktops with 1.5″-thick butcher block tops in oak, maple and walnut.


Q Desk, Halifax Oak on Black Base

iMovR introduced the elgant Q Desk, a four-leg, four-motor standing desk that blends seamlessly into any room.

Our Customers

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