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For decades now, the office workers of America—over 100 million of them—have been seated at a desk for too many hours a day, enslaved to their computers. The result? As the American Medical Association put it, ‘sitting disease’ has grown to outpace smoking as the #1 preventable cause of death. It has silently contributed to the epidemic rates of chronic ailments in our society—from low back pain, circulatory issues and fatigue, to obesity, diabetes, and ultimately reduced life spans.

Since 2013 iMovR has been on a mission to attack the nation’s epidemic health crisis at its root, enabling desk workers to spend less time sitting, and more time standing or walking, WHILE getting their work done. Today, we offer a wider array of standing desks, sit-stand converters, sit-stand meeting tables, and treadmill desks—and the critical ergonomic accessories to ensure maximum employee health and productivity—than any other company.

Our 5-star rated team of ergonomics experts has helped 1000s of customers find the right office furniture solutions, and we're excited to help you too.

Why iMovR

We are proud to be the preferred supplier of office fitness gear to thousands of corporate, government, and educational institutions (see our customer list). Not only do we offer the widest array of office fitness products in the industry, we're able to mass-customize workstations to meet specific employee needs—whether it's space and décor matching, ergonomic accommodation, or budget constraints.

That's because unlike manufacturers that build their products in bulk and offer limited options, we build all our workstations to order (like "Dell"), and ship them out of our Michigan plant—in just 5 business days. This way we can offer you a virtually limitless selection of workstation sizes, colors, and shapes, produce them quickly, and keep our prices low.

But the biggest difference working with us versus any other furniture manufacturer is how we engage with our customers. More than just a website, our team of office fitness and ergonomics experts is on hand to offer you every form of assistance imaginable, from helping gather information to present to management, to assisting your HR or corporate wellness team develop best practices for your employees. 

Learn more about the 1000s of customers we've helped in our testimonials section below.

iMovR is a Thermogenesis Group Inc. company.

iMovR Standing Desk


The iMovR customer service team...was just amazing. They were really great in terms of responsiveness, and that really made a difference for me.

—Ed Hoover  Adventist Health Portland

(See full Adventist Health Case Study.)

The core of what we do—it’s how to live better. And part of living better is taking care of our own people…when we came here we knew we needed to get furniture. We needed to get desks because it was an empty space. And I said, well, let’s go look at different options. And we found these desks, and got a couple, and tried them, and people liked them…we liked them enough that we did it with our conference tables!

—Sanford Becker Mazlo CFO/COO

We’ve had these standing desk for about a year now….the standing desks have really been great. I’ve had normal desks for a really long time and I do a lot of Crossfit and there’s been a lot of issues with my hips because everything is tight from sitting—elongated hamstrings, really tight quads—and so the standing desks have helped a tremendous amount…Moving back and forth helps you not focus on the discomfort of sitting all day.

—Devin Blais Mazlo CTO

In this last year there’s been all of this press about how standing is better for you, burns more calories, keeps the blood flowing...and I’m big into fitness, so I thought, oh, I’ll stand more!

—Yuki Yang Mazlo VP of Professional Relations

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