This page contains important information about the iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat's certifications and care instructions. Please read it carefully.




Here are a few precautions and cleaning methods that will ensure the long service life of your iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat. Make sure to read through them carefully before use and/or cleaning.

Storage & Use:

  • Never use the mat with stiletto heels. This type of high-heeled shoes can potentially damage the top surface of the mat.
  • Do not store or pack your mat rolled with the bottom side out. This may produce permanent wrinkles and uneven surfaces.
  • Do not fold the mat, as this can cause permanent damage. Do not place furniture or equipment on the mat to prevent potential permanent indentions.
  • After mopping the floors, make sure they dried completely before placing the mat. Moisture or water trapped under it may not dry and can cause damage to your flooring. Additionally, it may cause mold/mildew and/or damage to the mat as well as some types of flooring. DO NOT use the mat in wet environments or step on the mat with wet feet; its surface may become slippery. The iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat is not intended for use in wet areas.
  • Ask your flooring provider/installer about the specifics of your flooring material and how it may interact with the mat. iMovR Premium Standing Mats are produced from the polyurethane bio-foam material.


Cleaning & Maintenance:

  • Do not clean with a power vacuum cleaner; a high speed rotating brush can damage the surface of the mat.
  • Never use steam cleaning, high-pressure air/water, or hot water extraction to clean the mat. These cleaning methods could damage it.
  • Never try to clean the mat in a dishwasher or any type of commercial washer.
  • Clean your mat with mild soap, water, and a damp cloth/sponge/mop. Use general purpose floor or kitchen cleaners such as 409 or mild dish-washing soap for cleaning your mat(s).
  • DO NOT USE cleaning products that contain bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or acetone on your mat. Using these cleaners will VOID YOUR WARRANTY and DAMAGE YOUR MAT. Make sure to occasionally check and clean under your mat(s).
  • For an in-hospital iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat, use a low-level, hospital grade disinfectant cleaner for blood-borne pathogens like Ecolab® HB Quat Disinfectant Cleaner or a cleaning product of similar composition. Follow the cleaner's use directions. Other cleaning agents you could use include an accelerated hydrogen peroxide or BioKleen.

Note: The small wrinkles on the outer edges and on the top surface of the mat normally disappear within 48 hours of unpacking.



  • High-Traction Bottom Surface: Certified to NFSI 101-C
  • Flammability/Burn Resistance: Certified to CFR 16 Part 1630/1631
  • Soil/Stain Resistance: Tested to AATCC 130
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance: Tested to ISO 22196, AATCC 30, and ASTM G21
  • Additional Certifications: 
    • Certified to 2001/95/EC; and REACH (EC) 1907/2006 
    • Certified to California's Proposition 65
  • ASTM D575-91 Compression Test results: At 25% maximum deflection, the stress is 55 kPa (equivalent to 38 N of force)