Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance, Graphite
Using the Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance
Using the Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance
Using the Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance
Plane Cloud Balance Board in Holster
Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance, Foam Close Up
Underside of the Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance


Plane Cloud Balance Board by FluidStance

Sale price $199.00 USD

A Balance Board Designed Specifically for Standing Desks and Made from Recycled Plastic

  • Textured foam wobble board top adds a little extra cushion while you stand.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • The 360-degree-tilt will strengthen and stabilize your body and burn extra calories while you work.
  • Recommended for users under 250 pounds.

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Meet the Plane Cloud Balance Board

The Plane Cloud is a balance board that has been carefully engineered for use at a standing desk. It has 360°-tilt geometry, allowing for a wide range of motion, while still allowing you to focus on your work.

With a built-in standing mat, when you step on the premium Plane Cloud and you'll feel like you're moving on air. The textured foam top adds a little extra cushion to your day, letting you stand more comfortably for longer. It is 100% recyclable and made from naturally non-microbial materials to prevent odor.

Your natural micro-movements on these boards will strengthen and stabilize your body, keep your joints fluid, burn extra calories, and keep you focused and alert.

The Plane Cloud is made from recycled materials, helping reduce landfill waste. Treat your feet AND be kind to the Earth? Talk about a win-win.

Stay Organized with the Holster

The Holster's ⅜″ powder-coated steel upright is built to last while keeping your Plane Cloud deck in pristine condition. The base design offers increased ease and stability for storing your board, while the top bar is covered in sturdy tubing to protect your top deck. The Holster features a laser-engraved plaque made from upcycled bamboo scrap. The subtle, minimalist design of our Holster accommodates the Plane Cloud or any other FluidStance balance board model to keep your workspace clean, neat, and organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a standing desk to use the Plane Cloud Balance Board?

A: Using the Plane Cloud at a standing desk is a great way to introduce more movement into your workspace, but you can benefit from using a balance board in many other environments. Don't have a standing desk yet? No problem. The decks are designed to add movement to any space (work, home, classroom). Just step on and start flowing.

Q: How much height does the Plane Cloud Balance Board add?

A: The Plane Cloud adds approximately 2.5″ of height, so it works best with adjustable-height desks that allow you to maintaing your work surface at ergonomically optimal height. Are you already close to the maximum height your desk allows? Consider adding height extenders to your iMovR desk to raise your desk an additional 6″.

Q: Does the Plane Cloud work on carpet?

A: Yes. However, we do reccomend using a base mat or a small chair mat to provide a firmer surface to optimize your flow.

Q: Will the Plane Cloud damage my hardwood floors?

A: The Plane Cloud works on most floors, including carpet, wood, and concrete surfaces. Depending on your level of usage, the bottom of your balance board may experience wear and tear over time. We do recommend that a protective mat or surface be placed in between the board and your floor to protect the floor from the constant motion of the deck (not unlike what you'd see from a rolling chair in a similar work area).

Q: Can I stand on my balance board all day?

A: It's important to find the balance between building strength in those small, newly activated muscles and mitigating the healthy fatigue your body feels when it does something new.

If you're just beginning to incorporate a balance board into your routine, we recommend beginning with a 70:20:10 breakdown (continuing to spend 70% of your day sitting, standing on your board for 20% of the day, and taking the remaining 10% to engage in real-life movement) and progressing toward an even balance between sitting and standing. Remember, the best position is your next one!

For those of you who are already accustomed to standing for longer periods of time, just integrate the balance board into your usual routine to begin benefiting from the flow.

Q: How do I care for my balance board?

A: To keep your Plane Cloud clean, simply use warm water and mild soap to wipe down the board. Dry off completely before using. DO NOT use chemical cleaners.

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