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iMovR 3D Laminate Tabletop Colors

Find the perfect color for your tabletop from our selection of 28 solid, wood grain, textured wood grain, specialty, and soft-touch matte luxe finishes.

The following standard colors are available for all iMovR standing desks. Learn more about the advantages of 3D lamination. View more custom color choices.

All monitors display colors slightly differently. For authentic color representation we recommend ordering color samples.

For 4″ × 6″ handheld samples, see our iMovR 3D Laminate Color Sample Kit to find a match for your workspace.

Note: You can click on any color swatch for a high-resolution picture and more information.

Solid Colors

Wood Grains

Because of the way these woodgrain images wrap perfectly around the ergo-contoured edges of a desktop, visitors to our showroom often have a hard time distinguishing the hand-carved look of these 3D woodgrain laminates from real, solid-wood desks sitting right next to them. These woodgrain colors also hide fingerprints, water rings and dust very well.

Textured Wood Grains

Through advanced, state-of-the-art 3D-lamination technology these reclaimed wood simulations actually have the ridged tactile feel of real wood planks. This technology was developed for customers who love the romantic, weathered look of reclaimed wood but don't want to deal with its high propensity for cracking, warping and decomposition.


Soft-Touch Matte Luxe

These newly invented, state-of-the-art "soft-touch" laminates have an amazing tactile feel. Both to the hand and to the eye they exude a sense of luxury, beauty and style like no other desktop surface. These warm, neutral tones are as calming as they are elegant, and the matte finish makes fingerprints, water rings and dust disappear from view.

Click here to view more custom color options. Click here to see our solid wood finish options.

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