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Baltic Birch Tabletops

The core of Baltic birch plywood is completely unlike traditional plywood you might find in lumber yards or big box stores. The layers of inner plies are 1 mm-thick solid birch veneer, cross-banded, and laminated with strong adhesive. It’s a recipe that results in a void-free core with a number of distinct advantages over other desktop materials. We use only top-grade (B/BB) Baltic birch to make our desktops.

Beyond its gorgeous maple-mimicking aesthetics, Baltic birch is incredibly strong and stable. Compared to natural hardwoods of the same or even much greater thicknesses, it is far less susceptible to flex and movement over time and with changes in temperature and humidity. Furniture makers love Baltic birch for its uniformity, which allows for precision joinery and impressive durability.

Baltic birch is also sustainable, growing to maturity more quickly than many of our native, North American species. It takes less than half the raw wood material to make a desktop that looks like maple yet is much stronger and more stable, making it a "greener" option. It’s also a much safer material than the cheap plywoods that flood the market from China and other countries, which are unregulated and, more often than not, glued together with toxic glues you would never want in your home or business.

Choose from eight gorgeous custom-blended stains or just the natural, unstained finish. We use only GREENGuard-certified, formaldehyde-free stains and sealants in the meticulous hand-crafting of these desktops, to give them a shimmering gleam and protect the beauty of the wood for many years to come.

For 4″ × 6″ handheld samples, see our iMovR Baltic Birch Tabletop Samples to find a match for your workspace.

Note: All monitors display colors slightly differently. For authentic color representation, we recommend that you order color samples. Click on a color swatch for a high-resolution picture and more information.

Scandinavian-Style Birch

Emanating from the northeastern region of Europe around the Baltic Sea (chiefly Russia and Finland), Baltic birch plywood has long been prized by the world’s finest cabinet makers for its strength and consistency. Furniture makers love Baltic birch for its uniformity, which allows for precision joinery and impressive durability.

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