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Baltic Line

Limited Edition Standing Desks


iMovR is excited to announce our new nautically-themed line of incomparably unique standing desks created by iMovR’s lead furniture designer, Vincent Leman. Each is handcrafted using only the world’s top-graded, Scandinavian-style birch and honest environmental materials.

All the desks in this line are built on either the Lander or Lander Lite base, with state-of-the-art features like Bluetooth and touchless smartphone app controls, hushed mechanisms, built-in “health coach” and exceptional 15-year warranties.

These desks are made entirely in the USA, are factory pre-assembled, and individually tested for a delightful customer experience. No need to break out the toolbox for the few final assembly steps—these desks require less than ten minutes to assemble at home. 

Available in Nine Beautiful Finishes

Baltic Birch

Elegance, Strength, Durability, and Sustainability

Emanating from the northeastern region of Europe around the Baltic Sea (chiefly Russia and Finland), Baltic birch plywood has long been prized by the world’s finest cabinet makers for its strength and consistency. Many high-quality musical instruments, such as guitars and percussion, are made from Baltic birch.

Its core is completely unlike traditional plywood you might find in lumber yards or big box stores. The layers of inner plies are 1 mm-thick solid birch veneer, cross-banded, and laminated with strong adhesive. It’s a recipe that results in a void-free core with a number of distinct advantages over other desktop materials. We use top grade (B/BB) Baltic birch to make our desktops.

Beyond its gorgeous maple-mimicking aesthetics, Baltic birch is incredibly strong and stable. Compared to natural hardwoods of the same or even much greater thicknesses, it is far less susceptible to flex and movement over time and with changes in temperature and humidity. Furniture makers love Baltic birch for its uniformity, which allows for precision joinery and impressive durability.

Baltic birch is also sustainable, growing to maturity more quickly than many of our native North American species. It takes less than half the raw wood material to make a desktop that looks like maple yet is much stronger and more stable, making it an arguably “greener” option. It’s also a much safer material than the cheap plywoods that flood the market from other countries, which are unregulated and often glued together with toxic adhesives you would never want in your home or business.

Choose from eight gorgeous custom-blended stains or just the natural, unstained finish. We use only GREENGuard-certified, formaldehyde-free stains and sealants in the meticulous hand-crafting of these desktops, to give them a shimmering gleam and protect the beauty of the wood for many years to come.

New! Red River Birch

Choosing between Classic Baltic Birch and Red River Birch

The Baltic line was originally designed with genuine Baltic birch from Russia. Due to the conflict, this lumber became impossible to get but we have been able to source the same exact material from Finland, albeit at a significantly higher cost and so Baltic birch is available for purchase once again.

We now also have an alternative multi-ply birch available from the Red River Valley in Vietnam, which is nearly identical in quality, stability and appearance to Baltic, but available at the significantly lower pre-war cost. The difference between the two can be seen in this photo. The inner plies of the Red River birch are made from Acacia or Eucalyptus, which can have a darker edge on some of the plies. The top and bottom veneers are still genuine birch.

Baltic Birch and Red River Birch comparison

Explore iMovR's Baltic Line Standing Desks

The Captain's Desk

Limited Edition Standing Desk

In crafting the Captain’s Desk, designer Vincent Leman sought to evoke romantic allusions to the age of exploration, when galleon ships plied the currents and trade winds, connecting the new world with the old.

Nautical buffs will appreciate the angular elements of a classic ship captain’s davenport desk and the perimeter fencing of a military campaign desk (intended to keep navigation instruments from rolling off the table in rocking seas), making the Captain’s Desk one of the most charming and unique standing desk designs on the market today.

The Ensign's Standing Desk

The Ensign's Desk

Limited Edition Standing Desk

Vincent Leman blends classic Scandinavian design elements with a state-of-the-art lifting base to create the Ensign's Desk. The result is a unique piece of heirloom-quality fine furniture that stands far apart from the ordinary sit-stand desk.

When paired with the ultra-sturdy Fly Deck monitor shelf—an option that debuted with the Ensign—you also get extra storage space and raised monitor height ergonomics. The 28″ deep desktop is available in widths from 41″ to 71″ and with either a straight or curved front edge.

Want to compare our desk lines? Visit our article Selecting the Right iMovR Desk for You.

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