The iMovR Ergodynamics App

(Android version coming soon)

For the past decade iMovR has conducted extensive research on the use of active workstations to counteract the worsening health trends among modern-day office workers resulting from so-called "sitting disease."

The negative consequences of excessive sedentary time spent sitting in front of a computer fall into two large categories: metabolic and ergonomic. Our goal all along has been to develop technologies that will assist office workers in avoiding or combatting metabolic syndrome, while also preventing ergonomic injuries. (Read about our cooperative efforts on NEAT research with The Mayo Clinic and our pioneering work in the new field of Ergodynamics).

In order to conduct this research we needed to be able to measure user activity at these workstations, such as the amount of time they spend sitting versus standing, and exertion metrics if walking on a treadmill desk. To accomplish this we developed a series of proprietary sensors, both patented and patent-pending.

NEAT Certified by The Mayo ClinicSome of these sensors have been used by research partners such as The Mayo Clinic to gather data on thousands of subjects, to accurately determine, for example, how many calories you can burn using a standing desk or treadmill desk. At the moment these sensors are being produced and we expect to release them in succession in 2022 and 2023. These sensors will connect to users' smartphones via Bluetooth, and ultimately to the cloud through their phones.

The Linak app for Lander and Lander Lite DesksIn the interim, iMovR has been developing standalone apps for smartphones that can control a variety of existing and upcoming Bluetooth-enabled devices that are on our roadmap to the active workstation of the future.

In May of 2018 iMovR began shipping our first Bluetooth-enabled desks, the Lander and Lander Lite lines. Both the iPhone and Android apps are published by Linak, the manufacturer of the linear actuators in the Lander desks.

Here’s what the roadmap looks like for the iMovR Ergodynamics App.

  • iMovR Ergodynamics App ScreenshotIn April 2021 iMovR released the first iPhone version of the iMovR Ergodynamics App. The first supported workstation was the ZipDesk by iMovR.
  • The Lander line desks will then be added in 2022, as an alternative to the Linak app. (Note that the "health coach" features in the Linak app will not be available in the iMovR app until a later release, so customers who use those features may not want to switch immediately.)
  • The Android release will follow thereafter.
  • In April, 2022, iMovR will be releasing the new Emma electric monitor arm, which will also have a Bluetooth interface and Linak DPG-style handset. The iMovR Ergodynamics app will then be updated to include single-tap "sit" vs "stand" controls that will move both the desk and monitor arm to their preferred height settings recorded by the user*.
  • ThermoTread LT under-desk hand controllerIn May, 2022 iMovR will release a new underdesk-mounted controller handset with Bluetooth capability for use with the ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill*. No change is being made to the treadmill base itself, meaning existing customers will be able to replace their existing desktop controllers with the new handset controller once it becomes available. They can do so if they want to take advantage of the Bluetooth sync once the device drivers for the treadmill are completed, or simply to recapture their desktop real estate. 
  • There are several additional products we expect to release over the next two years with integrated Bluetooth, as well as standing and walking sensors for workstations that do not have integrated Bluetooth transceivers.

Release dates are intentionally vague at this time because we cannot accurately predict how long it will take to complete development and testing of each of the aforementioned device drivers, and would rather not set false expectations for customers. Testing is complex because we have to make sure they work properly in commercial office environments where multiple workstations of different flavors might be in BLE connectivity range, and in certain situations we need to have independent laboratory testing of the final product (e.g. in the case of UL testing for the treadmill). Testing lab turnaround times have continued to see significant impacts from COVID-19–related delays.


(Android version coming soon)

*Those who are eager to get onboard with the iMovR Ergodynamics App integrations of the Emma electric monitor arm and the new underdesk-mounted controller for the Thermotread GT office treadmill may apply to take part in our beta testing program if they would like; these programs are limited to 10 users. Apply to join either or both beta test groups by emailing

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