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iMovR’s Made-in-USA Standing Desks

and Related Ergonomic Accessories

iMovR is of course very proud to make the majority of our products right here in the USA. There is no match in design and manufacturing quality when comparing our desks with 99% of those sold online today (usually being made entirely in China). Our 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and industry-leading made-in-USA warranties are a testament to that quality. Not to mention our golden, all-American sales and customer service experience.


By the same token, we also believe in complete transparency when it comes to Made-in-USA claims, given that in this day and age it is exceedingly difficult to find any product that includes electronic or mechanical components to be 100.0% domestically sourced. The FTC definesall or virtually all” as the standard for an unqualified made-in-USA claim, while allowing qualified claims where more than an insignificant percentage, but still less than half of the “parts, processes and manufacturing overhead” are foreign-sourced. 


Every iMovR product is designed by our Washington-based engineering team. We collaborate closely on our desk designs with the US teams of some of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of linear actuators (desk bases), which are headquartered in Denmark, Austria and Sweden. Our Lander, Lander Lite, Jaxson, and ZipDesk lines are all ANSI/BIFMA Tested and Certified by Intertek in Michigan. 


iMovR produces all of our standing desks, and many of our ergonomic accessories, in contract manufacturing plants located in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Texas and California. Some components are necessarily globally sourced, predominantly from Europe and Canada. Of our made-to-order desk lines, typically less than 5% of the input costs are sourced in Asia.


The table below depicts exactly which elements of the products we make that carry a made-in-USA claim are domestically versus internationally sourced. Total “% USA” is an average; exact percentages vary by size, wood species and other customer selections. 


Of the products listed below, those with 90% or more made-in-USA content meet the standard for an unqualified claim; those indicated with 51% to 90% are qualified in their made-in-USA claims, accordingly. All the products listed below meet TAA requirements

ProductDesignWood (Desktops)RubberElectro-MechanicalPackagingAssembly% USA
Lander DesksUSA, DenmarkMichigan Kentucky, Denmark, AsiaMichiganMichigan95%

Lander Lite Desks

USA, DenmarkMichigan Kentucky, Denmark, AsiaMichiganMichigan93%
Jaxson DesksUSA, AustriaMichigan Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, AsiaMichigan, Czech RepublicMichigan60%
Q DesksUSA, AustriaMichigan Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, AsiaMichigan, Czech RepublicMichigan60%
ZipDeskUSAMichigan AsiaMichiganMichigan60%
Steadytype ExoUSAMichigan MichiganMichiganMichigan97%
Stowaway TrayUSA  MichiganMichiganMichigan97%
Trackless TrayUSA  MichiganMichiganMichigan97%
SteadyType SlideUSAMichigan MichiganMichiganMichigan97%
File Cabinets, Fly Decks, Credenzas and Premium DrawersUSAMichigan MichiganMichiganMichigan100%
EMMA Monitor ArmUSA  California, Kentucky, Denmark, Canada, AsiaCaliforniaCalifornia80%
EcoLast Standing MatsUSA Missouri, Texas Missouri, TexasMissouri, Texas100%
Tempo SeatingUSA OhioOhioOhioOhio100%
Treadmill MatUSA Wisconsin Wisconsin 100%
Rondo, Ellipse, & MojoUSA USAMichiganMichiganMichigan100%
ZipLift Patriot (Discontinued)USA, CanadaMichigan AsiaAsiaMichigan, Asia60%



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