If you need assistance in disposing of an old desk, conference table or treadmill, iMovR has a specialized nationwide service available for safe removal and disposition of these items. We can even donate them to a charity for you if they are in good working order, or they’ll be responsibly disposed of.

Skip the hassle and frustration of getting quotes from junk hauling franchise services, like the ones you see advertising on TV. Because we specialize in these items we can offer flat rate, nationwide pricing that’s easy to understand, and generally more competitive.

iMovR’s loader network uses only experienced technicians with the proper training and tools to disassemble and remove these items from your home or business, and dispose of them responsibly. All team members have passed a thorough background check and are licensed and insured.

How services are priced

Unlike junk removal services that insist on looking at the items to be removed before confirming a price, and then pressuring you to accept their pricing on the spot, we offer a flat rate nationwide. You’ll never need to haggle with the crew that shows up or guess at what the final cost will be only after they arrive and eyeball the load.

Note that removal with disassembly must be selected if the item cannot be easily taken through all doorways, hallways and stairwells without being taken apart first. Prices are inclusive of all landfill dumping fees, which are generally charged by weight.

Desks and Tables

Standard Desk Removal
Standard Desk Removal $160
Standard Desk Removal with Disassembly
Standard Desk Removal with Disassembly $200
L-Desk or U-Desk Removal (Disassembly Included)
L-Desk or U-Desk Removal (Disassembly Included) $250
Motorized Desk, Executive Desk or Conference Table Removal (Disassembly Included
Motorized Desk, Executive Desk or Conference Table Removal (Disassembly Included) $300

Office Treadmills and Treadmill Desks

Standalone office treadmill base with no uprights
Standalone office treadmill base with no uprights $250
Full treadmill with uprights requiring disassembly
Full treadmill with uprights requiring disassembly


How the service is arranged

Ofter ordering the service from iMovR, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to easily schedule your pick up online or over the phone, when you’re ready for the pickup. The pickup can be scheduled as early as the next day.

At the appointed time we will send out a team of hauling professionals to your home or office. You’ll receive real-time notifications when your team is on their way, plus a GPS tracking link with their real-time location and arrival time.

You can also select "curbside pickup" if you’d like to skip the appointment.

How the items are responsibly disposed of

So far, our network has proudly diverted over 3 million pounds of landfill waste in the United States! Whatever can be recycled will be separated out. Whatever is in good working condition may be donated to local charities we work with. We have managed to donate over 70% of items in good working condition.

We also partner with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every haul-away order, with the ultimate goal of restoring the environment, ‘one tree at a time.’

Tax-deductible donation pickup, made easy

Getting items donated is simple. Our Loaders haul them away and decide if they are in good enough condition to be donated to non-profit organizations, such as a homeless or domestic violence center, for repurposing. You may also help families who lost everything from natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, or hurricanes.

The haul-away cost is itself tax deductible if the item will be donated. Since charities do not generally appraise donated items and only give you a receipt that you donated something, the receipt for the haul-away service suffices as proof of a donation. If you wish to then ascribe some value to the donated item itself that's between you and your tax advisor, since the charities generally do not get involved.

If you have a specific charity you'd like your item transferred to then please note there will be a small upcharge for routing the item to a specific delivery address, limited to a 10-mile radius.