Compass Single Monitor Arm, silver finish
Compass Single Monitor Arm


Compass Single Monitor Arm

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  • Finger-touch dynamic height adjustment
  • Quick Release VESA mount
  • Tension adjustment indicator for precision installation
  • Capable of portrait and landscape orientation
  • Partially assembled for quick installation
  • Integrated cable management and tool holder
  • 15-year warranty

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Elegant Styling and Outstanding Performance Range

The Compass monitor arms feature a modern design aesthetic that pairs beautifully with any high-quality standing desk. But the real magic is in its state-of-the-art mechanical design, which supports an exceptionally wide range of monitor sizes, on virtually any desk configuration and for every user—no matter how short or tall.

Extraordinary Height Adjustment and Range of Suitable Monitor Sizes

The Compass arms' design incorporates a reliable and smooth finger touch height adjustment feature that allows a 14″ dynamic height adjustment range and 24.5″ of total stroke. The tall pole allows the articulating arm to be set anywhere along its vertical length, offering another 10.5″ of adjustment to accommodate most any popular monitor, from very low to very high positions, in either portrait or landscape orientations.

Weight Adjustment and Tension

The Compass supports a weight of up to 20 pounds per arm. A tension adjustment gauge on the back of the arm allows users to see the tension levels while adjusting the arm for various monitor weights. This is also a great time-saving feature for anyone setting up multiple arms in a bulk installation.

Accommodates Varying Workstation Depths

Retracting to a 5.5″ depth and extending out to 32.2″ inches, Compass offers a comfortable viewing distance no matter the depth of the workstation—not just for standing 30″-deep desks but even for those that are 36″, 42″ or 48″ deep. Not many monitor arms can make this claim. A 180° lockout prevents the arm from retracting past the back edge of your desk and colliding with a wall or privacy panel behind it.

Rotation and Tilt

The Compass is capable of swiveling ±90° between portrait and landscape orientation, while also being able to tilt monitors backward 90° and forward 45° degrees.

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