EMMA Electric Quad Monitor Arm
EMMA Electric Quad Monitor Arm
EMMA Electric Quad Monitor Arm
EMMA Electric Monitor Arm Lifting Column
EMMA Electric Monitor Arm Control Paddle (next to desk control paddle)


EMMA Electric Quad Monitor Arm

Sale price $1,490.00 USD
  • Supports up to 150 lbs of total rated lift capacity
  • ConstantFocus™ wrap-around design eliminates focus lag and eye strain
  • Twelve possible combinations of monitors and/or laptop mounts with additional hardware purchase
  • Straight up-down vertical movement eliminates the arcing motion inherent to mechanical monitor arms
  • Gesture-style control paddle with Bluetooth sync and smartphone App
  • 5-Year, Made-in-America warranty
Configuration:One Row with Single Monitor, One Row with Three Monitors

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The most capable monitor arm ever created

Traditional monitor arms have been around for years and were adequate for most single and dual monitor applications. However, with new extra large curved monitors or users needing multiple displays, traditional arms can fall short. Monitor arms are an essential device for eliminating neck strain for standing desk users, who need to adjust the height of their displays every time they switch from sitting to standing. 

That’s why iMovR created the new EMMA electric monitor arm, to handle the size, weight, and a number of displays more commonly being used today.

With the ability to lift up to six displays and 150 lbs of lift capacity, twelve possible combinations of monitors and laptop mounts, and a straight up/down motion which eliminated the “arcing motion” that mechanical arms suffer from, the EMMA stands in a class of its own.

The only monitor arm featuring ConstantFocus™

There are multi-display monitor arm systems out there with a slightly bent crossbar that can bring the outer displays a little closer to the user, but on such a shallow radius that your eyes are still forced to stop and refocus to see the outer zones clearly. 

Curved computer displays have the same limitation; even the most radically curved screens made today (1500R) would require the user to stand five feet away from the monitor to have equal focal depth at all points. That’s great for watching movies from the sofa, but a typical computer user is sitting only 20” - 25” from their screens.

With its breakthrough ConstantFocus™ wrap-around design, the EMMA keeps all of your displays at the same focal depth. This reduces strain on your eyes’ ciliary muscles and speeds your brain’s processing of visual information. For stock traders, dispatchers, gamers and other users who need to have the fastest hand-eye-brain coordination, no other single monitor arm can deliver the goods.

12 possible configurations

Each of the EMMA rows can handle up to three displays and/or laptop mounts. You can configure the EMMA for all 12 possible permutations of up to six displays, such as 2-over-2 or 1-over-3. Or even for just one gargantuan display or two very wide panoramic displays mounted 1-over-1. And everything else in between. Best of all, you won’t have to be a rocket technician to install the EMMA. We provide clear documentation and video installation guides for all 12 configurations so there’s no guesswork.

Straight vertical pathway with no “arcing”

While the EMMA can of course be used on any desk, it was created especially for standing desk users who want to keep their display(s) centered at all times, regardless of their posture and position. Because our lower spines stretch out when we stand, to avoid neck strain we need to raise our monitors relative to our keyboard height each time we change postures. Virtually all other mechanical monitor mounts have an inherent arcing motion when raising or lowering the displays (with the one exception of iMovR’s Trace Arm). That arcing motion results in the center point of our displays annoyingly shifting to the left or right compared to their position when we’re seated. 

EMMA moves your monitors straight up and down, with no change in the centerpoint or focal depth of your monitors. 

Digital controller with Bluetooth

The EMMA is controlled with the same up/down gesture controller as is used on iMovR’s Lander and Lander Lite standing desks. And that means it has Bluetooth built right in. 

The existing Linak App allows for pre-programming "sit" and "stand" heights that the EMMA will automatically move to with just a double-tap on the paddle. A future update to iMovR's Ergodynamics App will be released later in 2022 for controlling both the desk, monitor arm and other workstation accessories with a single tap on the phone for "sit" or "stand", and other innovative features.

The EMMA linear actuator column is equipped with a PIEZO™ sensor for accurate and reliable anti-collision. You can also program the controller to set a minimum and maximum height limit to prevent accidental collision with the desktop or the ceiling (an important safety feature if small children are around). 

American design, American made

Unlike almost every monitor arm sold today, the EMMA is proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA. It’s backed by an industry-leading warranty and a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, like all iMovR products.

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