Springboard by FluidStance, Natural Finish
Springboard by FluidStance, Natural Finish
Springboard by FluidStance, Natural Finish
Springboard by FluidStance, Natural Finish


Springboard by FluidStance

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The Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks that's All-Natural

The Springboard's flexible wood surface extends the amount of time you can stand at your desk in a uniquely stylish way.

  • A subtle bounce cushions your feet and responds to your movementsk.
  • An ingenious laser-cutting process creates a wood surface that is actually flexible. The end result? Step-on comfort with a soft, spring-like performance!
  • Eco-friendly materials—five-ply wood atop a blended natural wool felt.
  • No-slip-grip bottom keeps your Springboard in place.

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A New Kind of Active Standing

Unlike the more passive standing mats you could use at your desk, the Springboard by FluidStance takes the strength and durability of wood and uses a proprietary laser-cut design to make it flexible. Combined with a thick, cushy felt frame, that means you experience a subtle yet responsive bounce while standing at your desk, kitchen, or any work area.

Springboard's eco-friendly materials—five-ply birch wood atop a blended natural wool felt—are a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based anti-fatigue mats. Even Springboard’s no-slip-grip bottom is made from recycled rubber. And did we mention that the Springboard looks good too? With its natural wood grain, the Springboard is a beautiful addition to your active workstation.

Designed to keep you moving at work, Springboard’s step-on comfort and dynamic wood surface offer soft, spring-like performance that extends the amount of time you can stand and work, which we all know is way better than sitting all day.

Get a little play and a ton of comfort with the Springboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any assembly required?

A: There is no assembly required. It is ready to use out of the box.

Q: What is the Springboard's maximum weight capacity?

A: The maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Springboard?

A: The Springboard measures 23.5″ long × 20″ wide × 1.25″ tall, and weighs approximately 3.4 lbs.

Q: What is the Springboard made of?

A: The Springboard is made of five-ply Baltic Birch wood atop a blended natural wool felt with a no slip grip bottom that's made from recycled rubber. It's an all natural alternative to the traditional petroleum based anti-fatigue mats.

Q: Is the Springboard compatible with any other products?

A: Add a little more fluidity to your day by using a Plane Cloud Balance Board (also by FluidStance) on top of the Springboard. The Springboard is an anti-fatigue mat that gives you natural movement while actively standing and by adding a Balance Board, allows your micro movements to strengthen and stabilize making your workday more productive.

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