McHale TreadTop StableChair
McHale TreadTop StableChair on the Unsit Office Treadmill, Right View
McHale TreadTop StableChair on the Unsit Office Treadmill, Front View
McHale TreadTop StableChair on the Unsit Office Treadmill, Left View
McHale TreadTop StableChair - iMovR
McHale TreadTop StableChair - iMovR
McHale TreadTop StableChair - iMovR
McHale TreadTop StableChair - iMovR
McHale TreadTop StableChair - iMovR
McHale TreadTop StableChair - iMovR


McHale TreadTop StableChair

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The McHale TreadTop StableChair is specifically designed for use with the iMovR Unsit Office Treadmill. Features a footring to keep your feet off the motor housing and an adjustable lumbar suspension system for maximum comfort while working safely in a seated posture on top of your treadmill.

Color:Kelp Green

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Unless your treadmill desk workstation is wide enough to accommodate an office treadmill base and an office chair side-by-side, the easiest way to work in a seated posture at a treadmill desk is NOT to roll the very heavy treadmill out of the way each time, but rather to invest in a TreadTop Seat, exclusively from iMovR.

We offer this McHale TreadTop StableChair for a full-seatback and armrests solution, as well as the lighter, smaller iMovR TreadTop Energy Stool. The McHale StableChair is specifically designed for use with the iMovR Unsit Office Treadmill, whereas the Energy Stool works on any treadmill base and as an active stool for any standing desk, as well.


  • Adjustable lumbar suspension system - a twist of the lumbar knob will increase or decrease the degree of the curve in the lumbar region of the mesh seatback
  • 4D Fully-articulating armrests optimize ergonomics for keyboarding and mousing
  • Six seat colors are available in extremely durable and reliable fabric
  • High-traction "glides" will not damage the treadmill's walking belt, while providing safety and stability
  • Made in North America (Ontario, Canada)
  • Easy setup

What Makes The McHale TreadTop StableChair Different?

Purpose-built Just For Treadmill Desking

The McHale TreadTop StableChair is a unique product designed specifically for office treadmills with a minimum belt width of at least 26", such as the Unsit Office Treadmill. Only cylinder height and lumbar suspension adjustments are including on this version of the McHale, for maximum stability and safety while sitting atop an office treadmill base.

Lumbar Suspension System

Ergonomics are critical when it comes to office chairs.  The McHale chair “U” shaped frame allows the mesh to bow and provide precise support between the lumbar and ribcage to encourage active sitting.

Glides In Place Of Caster Wheels

To protect both the integrity of the walking belt and the safety of the user, the caster wheels on this version of the McHale have been replaced by 5 "glides" which distribute the weight of the user, and provide traction so that the chair does not move unintentionally while resting on the treadmill deck.

4D Fully-articulating Armrests

McHale Advanced Ergonomic ChairOn similar office grade chairs, these arms would be an expensive add on, but we have built them in as a standard feature.  We call these armrests "4D" because they adjust in four different directions.

Get proper forearm support with a height adjustment of the armrests, and a forward/back slide for correct forearm level positioning. A soft inward press of the arm will tip them close to the body for optimal support when using a keyboard. Slide outward (or inward) to accommodate your forearms when mousing.

Elastomeric Mesh Seatback Material 

The seatback material is breathable which stays cool and comfortable.  It provides enough support without being too rigid, and encourages you to maintain your core muscles without too much effort.  Adjusts to all body shapes and sizes whether large or small.

Waterfall Edge Seat

A rounded waterfall-like front edge adds comfort for the back of your thighs and reduces circulatory impingement.

Seat Fabric Colors

Select from six stylish seat colors.

Kelp Green
Kelp Green
Lagoon Blue
Lagoon Blue
Bay Navy
Bay Navy
Drift Gray
Drift Gray
Storm Gray
Storm Gray
Night Black
Night Black

All fabrics have been tested extensively and found to comply with the Association for Contract Textiles performance guidelines for colorfastness to light, wet, dry, and for abrasion resistance, and fire retardancy.

How To Use The McHale TreadTop StableChair With Your Treadmill Desk

To place the chair on top of your treadmill base simply grab it by the arm rests and place it in the exact spot you'd like it to rest on the treadmill. Rotate the seat towards you so you can step up on the treadmill's side rail and get into the seat, then rotate yourself into alignment with your keyboard. It's that simple. Note this is a very sturdy chair built with high quality American steel, and weighs 29 lbs. If that's too heavy for you to lift please consider the lighter weight iMovR TreadTop Energy Stool instead.

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