Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR
Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate - iMovR


Premium Drawer - 3D Laminate

Sale price $299.00 USD

The iMovR Premium Drawer is made with a 3D laminate drawer face. The spacious compartment is perfect for your documents, writing implements, office supplies, laptop computer, small electronics, and other personal effects. And its solid, made-in-America construction gives it a whopping 50 lb. load capacity. It features pass-through cable holes in the back, so you can easily charge devices in the drawer.

Color:Almond Cherry

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The 3D Laminate Premium Drawer from iMovR

Premium Drawer in Bella Walnut


  • Beautiful 3D-laminate drawer face matches your desktop perfectly
  • Large storage capacity to hold more than just papers and pens
  • Cable pass-through holes for in-drawer charging
  • Drawer detent latch creates a smooth close without slamming or bounce-back
  • Super sturdy steel frame construction holds up to 50 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • The iMovR Premium Drawer was designed to work with iMovR’s Lander and Jaxson (with Select Top) Standing Desks 47″ and above, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be installed on other desks. See below section titled "Fitting Guidelines" for further details.

An Exceptional Drawer for Exceptional Desks

There are two big reasons that most standing desks don’t come with drawers. First, most desk frames have crossbars that limit the size of a drawer. (Sometimes it feels like a drawer that’s too small is worse than no drawer at all!) Second, the added weight of the drawer and its contents can overload the motors of desk frames with light-duty motors and poor manufacturing tolerances. The Lander Desk, however, overcomes both these problems easily, allowing us to offer the iMovR Premium Drawer.

The Lander and Jaxson Desk frames use C-Leg designs, where the desk crossbar sits approximately two-thirds of the way back from the front of the desktop, rather than centered, as in the common T-leg design that many other desk models use. This allows the iMovR Premium Drawer to have slightly more than 14″ of depth, making it useful for holding all sorts of items you might need close at hand, not just a few pens and papers.

Lander Premium Drawer in Light Maple, with contents

Because of the Lander Desk’s precision manufacturing tolerances and 360 lb lifting capacity, we are able to offer a truly robust desk drawer. With a compartment made from high quality steel and weighing 16.6 lbs, the iMovR Premium Drawer can support up to 50 lbs. This rock-solid design is more than adequate for everyday use, but knowing how strong the Lander Desk is, we're confident that even a fully loaded drawer will not impact the performance of the vast majority of desktop setups.

Features that Make This Drawer Premium

One of the cable pass-through holes at the back of the Premium Drawer.The iMovR Premium Drawer has been designed to match the desktop of your Lander or Jaxson Desk, using the same 3D laminates as your desktop on the drawer face, rather than thin plastic or sheet metal like other drawers might have. This ensures a perfect match. Of course, nothing prevents you from ordering your drawer in a different color from your desktop. Many of the 3D laminate colors we offer complement each other quite well. Of course, 3D laminate not only looks great—it is extraordinarily durable. Its shape blends the drawer smoothly into the rest of your desk and adds to its aesthetic appeal.

The drawer has two cable pass-through holes in the back panel, allowing you to charge your laptop or mobile devices in the drawer when they’re not in use. In combination with the Tucker Cable Tray (also found in the Tucker Advanced and Tucker Pro Cable Management Kits), keeping cables and cords off your desk and out of sight has never been easier.

The Premium Drawer glides smoothly on precision-engineered tracks.The iMovR Premium Drawer glides smoothly on precision-engineered tracks with a detent latch at the back. Having a detent latch at the back of the drawer’s rails means that the drawer stays closed when you shut it, but opens easily as soon as you pull on it. The detent creates a smooth close, with no sharp slamming or bounce-back.

Fitting Guidelines

Compatibility Within the iMovr Product Line

The iMovR Premium Drawer is designed to fit Lander 2-Leg desks with tops that are at least 47″ wide. It is not designed to be installed on Lander Lite, Lander with SteadyType, Lander L- or U-Desks, Q Desk, Jaxson Compact, or Jaxson Corner Desks. Unless the desk is very wide it is recommended that the iMovR Premium Drawer not be installed on a desk that already has a keyboard tray installed due to space constraints.

For Lander desks produced before July 2021 you will need to drill the holes using the drill template provided. Lander desks produced since July 2021 are pre-drilled for the Premium Drawer to make installation even easier.

The Premium Drawer is also compatible with older iMovR Elite and UpTown Desks, older models (now discontinued) which were manufactured with 30″-deep desktops and on C-frame bases.

Using the iMovR Premium Drawer with Other Desks

The Premium Drawer was designed to work with the iMovR's Lander and Jaxson Standing Desks, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be installed on other desks. However, there are a few things you should consider before you purchase this drawer to use on another standing desk.

Note: See the Specs tab for complete product measurements and product diagrams. What follows are general guidelines, not an exhaustive list.

Frame Clearance

The iMovR Premium Drawer’s frame extends 15.08″ back from the edge of your desktop, and is 31.06″ across. Measure from the front edge of your desk to your desk’s crossbar to ensure that it will fit, and check that there is adequate width, as well.

Drawer Face Clearance

At its widest (along the top edge), the face of the iMovR Premium Drawer is 33.59″. Measure along your desk’s front edge to ensure you have enough space to install the drawer without interference from the hand controller or anything else mounted at the front of the desk.

Knee and Leg Clearance

The drawer requires 3.24″ of vertical space. When standing, this shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure that you can work comfortably at your desk while seated when your desktop is raised high enough for both your legs and the drawer underneath.

Weight Limits

The iMovR Premium Drawer is 16.6 lbs. when empty. Make sure the drawer, plus anything you’re planning to keep in it, when added to the other equipment already on your desk, does not go over your desk’s weight rating. If you don’t plan on installing the drawer at the center of your desk, be aware that an uneven load can reduce the effective weight limit of a desk.

Desktop Thickness

The iMovR Premium Drawer is installed using eight ¾″ #9 Phillips-head screws. Your desk needs to be at least 1″ thick to ensure proper installation. Using shorter screws to install the drawer on slimmer desktops is possible but not recommended, as we cannot guarantee the 50 lb. weight capacity of the drawer in that situation.

Color Matching

You probably don’t want a drawer that clashes with your desktop. Remember, all computer, tablet, and phone screens display colors slightly different from one another. To ensure that the color you’re thinking of going with matches or complements your existing desktop, order a few of our 4″ × 6″ color samples.

Other Options

If it turns out that the iMovR Premium Drawer will not work for your particular standing desk, consider the Hide-Away Storage Drawer, which works perfectly with most rectangular top sit-stand desks. If you need even more storage space, consider an under-desk Mobile File Cabinet.



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