Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for Adjustable Desks
Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for Adjustable Desks
Tucker Cable Chain
Tucker Cable Chain
Tucker Cable Tray
Tucker Cable Tray
Tucker Mounted Cable Wrap Holders
Open Tucker Mounted Cable Wrap Holder
Tucker Cable Wrap Ties
Tucker Cable Chain shown against desk leg.
Desk with Tucker Cable Chain installed.
Desk at standing height with Tucker Cable Chain installed.
Base of Tucker Cable Chain, showing how cable is routed out.
Top of Tucker Cable Chain, showing how cable is routed in.
Tucker Mounted Cable Wrap Holder in use.
Tucker Cable Tray in use.


Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for Standing Desks

Sale price $139.00 USD

Height-tracking link chain with a full array of mounting and routing essentials for device and cable protection, including a 6-outlet, under-desk surge protector and capacious cable tray.


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  • Everything you need for a professional-grade cable management system
  • Stay-vertical link chain hides behind one of the lifting columns, concealing all cables going from the desk to the floor
  • Premium quality components with excess lengths that can be trimmed to size
  • Includes 23″ cable tray, 6-outlet surge protector power strip with 12’ cord and a package of cable ties and cable wrap holders
Tucker™ Pro Cable Management Kit for Standing Desks

It goes without saying that tripping on cables, ripping items off desks, and abruptly unplugging valuable equipment is the opposite of what you’re looking for in a tidy, professional workstation. Every standing desk user has bared these burdens at one point or another and will attest to the value of quality cable management.

The Tucker Cable Chain Pro Cable Management Kit is your all-in-one premium package to hide all cables out of view, bring power outlets to the underside of the desk, and seamlessly manage the all-important cable “slack” as the desk moves up and down. If you’ve invested in a top-quality standing desk this is the best way to make that jungle of cords disappear from view.

Each component of the kit works in harmony to join your cables into a single tucked-away routing system with under-desk power provided by a 6-outlet surge protector power strip. All excess cabling and the power strip are neatly stored in the capacious 23”-long under-desktop cable tray, with a single 12’ power cord (and anything other cords the need to reach from floor to the desk) routed inside the link chain.

Color Guide for Kits

Cable Chain
Cable Wrap Ties
Mounted Cable Wrap Holders
Cable Tray
Power Strip
Black Kit
Black Cable Chain Black Cable Wrap Ties Black Mounted Cable Wrap Holders Black Cable Tray Black Power Strip
Gray Kit
Black Cable Chain Black Cable Wrap Ties Black Cable Wrap Holders Gray Cable Tray Black Power Strip
White Kit
Black Cable Chain White Cable Wrap Tie White Mounted Cable Wrap Holder White Cable Tray White Power Strip

Comparison Guide

Tucker Cable Management Kit Comparison Chart (Advanced)

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Preserve the Elegant Appearance of Your Sit-Stand Desk with Comprehensive Cable Management

The ability to raise and lower your entire desktop at the push of a button or turn of a crank is highly beneficial to your productivity and health, but it can also present a new challenge when it comes to keeping all your cables from becoming an unsightly, tangled mess. Cables that used to drop behind a fixed-height desk’s rear panel are now visibly out in the open, and all of them need to be sufficiently slack to stay connected to your devices whether the desk is in sitting or standing position.

Before: Messy cables After: Organized cables
Versatile and Adaptable

What Makes Tucker the Best Cable Management Kit Available?

Other desk manufacturers and ergonomics dealers offer less expensive cable management kits that include very small adhesive clips that don’t stick well to the desktop and don’t have the weight rating of the mounting brackets included in our Tucker kits. Their power strips, if supplied, lack an all-important surge protector, and often have fewer outlets. Their cable sleeves, if included, may require special tools (easy to lose) or are too short for the reach of a modern height-adjustable desk. Their components are usually designed for one-time installation when in reality most people add and subtract devices from their desks all the time.

Having a kit that can adapt to those changes is really helpful. Further, they don’t include super magnet cable mounts for guiding the cable slack as neatly as possible. And for the truly innovative, iMovR’s Tucker Pro Kit takes innovation to the next level with a one-of-a-kind height-tracking link chain that has a modern outward appearance while at the same time hiding cables inside the chain.

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