Your Ultimate Source for DIY Standing Desk Components

Whether you’re planning to craft your own super special desktop and are looking for the best lifting base to put under it, or you already have a lifting base and are looking to top it with the finest quality, American-made desk top in just the perfect size and finish to match your office decor, iMovR has you covered!

DIY Lifting Base Frame

No one offers a greater selection of electric standing desk bases than iMovR. Explore all the options, from compact studio-sized base frames to large L-desk and U-desk configurations. Each base model features its own comprehensive video installation guide and an industry-leading warranty. Most iMovR lifting base models include Bluetooth sync and smartphone apps.


DIY Standalone Tops

No one offers more standalone top options for your DIY desk or table than iMovR, with 68+ different finishes and hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from. 

All our tops are manufactured in Michigan and come with industry-leading warranties (e.g. 15 years on our exclusive Surf(x) 3D-laminated tops and 5 years on solid wood). Every top is made to order and robustly packaged for safe transportation.

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