DIY Standing Desks

DIY Standing Desks

Build your own Adjustable Height Desk. Choose between manual crank or electric options and made-in-the-USA or Asian imports. Whether you are in the market for a home office desk or a custom standing meeting table, our bases can accommodate an array of uses as well as users of all heights.

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Freedom - Electric Standing Desk Base

Freedom - Electric Standing Desk Base


Vigor dual-stage, C-frame electric standing desk base

Vigor - Heavy Duty Electric Standing Desk Base


ELITE Base width adjusted for a 60" desktop

[CLOSE-OUT] Reliant - Electric Standing Desk Base

Choose Your DIY Standing Desk Base

While in most cases it's easier to buy a complete stand up desk system, sometimes your unique requirements make a DIY standing desk the best route. Look no further than iMovR. 

iMovR Freedom Desk Base and white top

We've been building standing desks for years, and understand the intricacies that go into creating the ideal sit-stand working experience. Over time, we've curated a colection of the best standing desk bases in the market.

We carry Heavy Duty frames with high weight ratings and premium Made-in-the-USA frames. The wide height ranges accommodate workers of all statures and the width ranges fit desks and tables of all sizes.

Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Desk Bases

We’ve designed the Vigor Base for those who want to realize their ambitious DIY projects with the best possible results. It boasts a weight capacity of 490 lbs. and an impressive average travel speed of 1.7" per second. The Vigor is among the fastest, quietest, and strongest bases in the market, so if you’re planning to make a standing meeting table, a crafting workstation, or an adjustable height dining table with a heavier top, this base will get the job done without a sweat.

Made-in-the-USA Bases

Made-in-the-USA, the Freedom Base has a lifting capacity of 220 lbs. and height adjustment range of 25.7" - 43.8" (not including tabletop or casters). Its average travel speed rate is 1.3" per second, which makes it a perfect mid-level frame for an office standing desk or a full fleet of sit-stand workstations.

The iMovR Reliant Base is a sturdy contender for a sit-stand-walk workstation, as it allows for width adjustment all the way out to 75". With a lifting capacity of 265 lbs. and travel speed of 1.5" per second, it’s a perfect base for any modern office that is concerned with safety and energy efficiency. Thanks to programmable shelf and container position settings, you can protect users by programming new upper and lower limits. And low energy consumption levels hang around less than half of a watt of electricity in standby mode and only 1.4A under continuous lift.

Add A Tabletop to Your DIY Standing Desk

Find a perfect desktop for your DIY standing desk. Choose among our 11 3D laminate colors, dozens of sizes, and non-standard shapes. We also offer more than a hundred colors and patterns for custom orders on our 3D-laminated tops.  

Complete Your Setup With Ergonomic Accessories

To make sure your workstation is ergonomically sound, don't forget to add an anti-fatigue mat and essential accessories to your setup. Use our matching Mobile File Cabinet if you require storage. A keyboard tray will ensure an ergonomic wrist position (especially important for treadmill desks) while our ergonomic seats are perfect for when you need to take a break from walking or standing. 

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