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DIY Standing Desk Bases

DIY Standing Desk Bases
DIY Standing Desk Bases

DIY Standing Desk Bases

Build your own Adjustable Height Desk. Whether you are in the market for a home office desk or a custom standing meeting table, our bases can accommodate an array of uses as well as users of all heights.

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Choose Your DIY Standing Desk Base

While in most cases it's easier to buy a complete stand up desk system, sometimes you want to go the DIY route. Maybe your creative juices are flowing and you want to add a custom tabletop, or perhaps the unique requirements of the office space you're furnishing demand it—whatever it might be, there are plenty of great reasons to buy a standing desk frame.

Don't know where to start? We have a standing desk frame for just about every DIY application . . .

With DIY, you can pair your standing desk base with any top.

Made-in-the-USA Standing Desk Bases


Our most sophisticated and overall highest-performing base is the Lander. Featuring a super-intuitive height control paddle, Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app, and an extremely sturdy frame, the Lander is our most-recommended base for a DIY project. Its specs are impressive; it lifts up to 360 lbs, travels at 1.6″ per second, adjusts from 23.5″–49.5″, and comes in three colors: white, silver, or black.

Lander L-Desk

The Lander L-Desk Base is a 3-leg version of our most advanced DIY standing desk base. It features all the same sophisticated technology as the 2-legged Lander base: a super-intuitive height control paddle, a future-proof Bluetooth connection to free smartphone app, and an extremely sturdy frame for even your most ambitious DIY projects. It supports a main desktop of up to 89″ and a return of up to 59″. With the added third leg, this base lifts up to 540 lbs, while still traveling at 1.6″ per second. It features an adjustment range of 23.5″–49.5″, and comes in three colors: white, silver, or black.

Lander L-Desk DIY Base
Lander Lite

The Lander Lite Base boasts the same distinctive technology advancements and ease-of-use of the original Lander Base, but with "lighter" features and a lighter price. Like its bigger siblings, this base has the intuitive height control paddle to enable smooth, double-tap height changes, the future-proof Bluetooth-enabled controller that pairs with a free smartphone app, and the whisper-quiet motors that the Lander line is known for. With a lifting capacity of 225 lbs., a travel speed of 1.6″ per second, and your choice of single stage (26.6″–46.75″) or dual stage (23.25″–49.25″) lifting columns, the Lander Lite base will support a wide range of DIY desk builds for the average user. It comes in white, silver, and black.

Studio 470

The iMovR Studio 470 Base is ideal for building a compact, budget-friendly standing desk for a studio apartment, dorm room or "hot desk" area for laptop users. Featuring smooth dual-motor performance, precision tolerances, low standby power consumption, and built-in wire management, this electric standing desk base delivers an unmatched value. Compared to other desktop bases, the Studio 470 is light without sacrificing stability or durability, having earned ANSI/BIFMA certification rating for desktop sizes of up to 31.5″ × 63″.

Add A Tabletop to Your DIY Standing Desk

Every 3D-laminated or solid-wood top you see offered on an iMovR standing desk or iMovR Synapse conference table can be ordered standalone, without the base, for installing any make or model of lifting base that you already have. Every top is made-to-order and comes with our industry-leading, made-in-USA warranties.

Find a perfect desktop for your DIY standing desk. Choose among our 28 3D laminate colors, or 38 solid wood species+stain combinations, offered in dozens of sizes, and non-standard shapes. Learn more how to order a custom desktop here.

Complete Your Setup With Ergonomic Accessories

To make sure your workstation is ergonomically sound, don't forget to add an anti-fatigue mat and essential accessories to your setup. Use our matching Mobile File Cabinet if you require storage. A keyboard tray will ensure an ergonomic wrist position (especially important for treadmill desks) while our ergonomic seats are perfect for when you need to take a break from walking or standing.

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