Hybrid Sit-Stand Mats

Hybrid Sit-Stand Mats

Sit-stand mats bridge the gap between sitting and standing like no others. With what we like to call a hybrid mat, no longer do you have to perform a mat placement routine every time you'd like to transition into sitting or standing. Position it under your chair once, and enjoy soft floors regardless whether you sit or stand.

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iMovR EverMat Hybrid Sit Stand Mat

EverMat Hybrid Chair Mat


EcoLast Hybrid Standing / Chair Mat - 5' x 4' Gray with desk

EcoLast Hybrid Chair Mats

A Chair Mat You Can Trust

Finally, a chair mat that you can trust to not only protect your carpet or floors from caster wheels, but also not crumble, change color, or warp from rigorous use. Regular plastic chair mats only last a few months before they turn to dust. We made our polyurethane mats so sturdy, they can withstand the impact of stilettos heels, caster wheels, and even fire--making them virtually indestructible. 

Our sit-stand hybrid mat can be used with a standing desk in both seated and upright positions. Safely roll your chair in place when you're ready to sit and push it away when it's time to stand.  

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