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Keyboard Trays for Standing Desks


A good ergonomic keyboard tray is essential for preventing repetitive strain injuries (RSIs, e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome) regardless of whether you sit, stand, or walk at your computer workstation. Better ergonomics lead to faster typing, fewer typos, and longer durations of working in comfort. A proper tray should pay for itself not only in prevention of potential medical injury and expenses but in higher daily productivity.

While the rest of the office furniture industry hasn't changed their offerings in forty years, we at iMovR know that the ergonomic issues of working while standing or walking are dramatically different than when seated in a supportive armchair. In fact, we helped pioneer the new field of ergodynamics—which pertains to the unique ergonomic aspects of working at a computer while standing or walking—in collaboration with major academic and medical research institutions like The Mayo Clinic

Today's gold standard for ergodynamic keyboard trays is any that incorporate the SteadyType® architecture, first patented by iMovR in 2014. SteadyType offers a near-infinite range of tilt and extraordinary stability compared to conventional trays. We offer SteadyType as a built-in option on many of our most popular standing desk and treadmill desk models. For everyone else we offer the SteadyType Exo, which attaches in 30 seconds to virtually any height-adjustable workstation, and the SteadyType Slide, which installs easily and offers a retractable keyboard tray experience.

For users who place a priority on being able to retract their keyboard tray when not in use, conventional ergonomic trays do not lend themselves to being installed on a standing desk because of interference from the crossbar that runs beneath the desktop. iMovR offers both the Trackless and the Stowaway keyboard trays that work around this limitation (they also work just as well on fixed-height desks). But the SteadyType Slide works with many "C-leg" standing desks.

Lastly, for those who already own a conventional keyboard tray that they'd like to re-install on their new standing desk, we also offer a keyboard tray adapter kit for standing desks. This adapter works like an inverted highway overpass to mount around the desk's crossbar. 

No matter what kind of keyboard tray you're looking for, iMovR has an ergonomically-ideal solution for your workstation.

Explore our Best-Selling Keyboard Trays

The SteadyType Slide

Our patented SteadyType keyboard tray, now retractable for under-desk stowage! The SteadyType Slide is a perfect addition to a wide variety of standing desks on the market today. It ships 100% pre-assembled, and installs with relative ease. The Slide works with all combination of keyboards and pointing devices, including split-halved ergonomic keyboards, mice, trackballs, track pads, and joysticks. Adds unparalleled tilt range (up to 85°) and rock solid stability for the ultimate in ergodynamic typing proficiency.

The SteadyType Exo

Do you already have a standing desk, but want to enjoy the many ergonomic benefits of a SteadyType keyboard tray? The SteadyType Exo fits virtually every standing desk model made, ships 100% pre-assembled, and installs in just 30 seconds, no tools required. The Exo works with any conceivable combination of keyboards and pointing devices, including split-halved ergonomic keyboards, mice, trackballs, track pads, and joysticks. Adds unparalleled tilt range (up to 85°) and rock solid stability for the ultimate in ergodynamic typing proficiency. (Note: the Exo is designed specifically for sit-stand desks and is not retractable. For fixed-height desks please choose Either the Trackless or Stowaway keyboard tray, below, or the SteadyType Slide, above.)

Trackless Keyboard Tray

The iMovR Trackless Keyboard Tray is an essential part of an ergonomically-sound workstation, with up to 15° of tilt for a strain-free typing experience. The Trackless is designed specifically for installation on standing desks that have a crossbar obstructing where a glide track would normally be installed. Eliminating the glide track also provides greater stability for the tray mechanism. When you’re not using your keyboard you can simply lift-to-unlock and tuck it under your desk to free up space.

Works equally well on fixed-height as on adjustable-height desks. Note that all iMovR desk models except for the Freedom Line (Energize and Cascade) are pre-drilled for the Trackless Keyboard Tray to make for an extremely easy installation. 

Stowaway Keyboard Tray

A state-of-the-art ergonomic keyboard tray, yet priced less than many top-end brands, the iMovR Stowaway is made specifically for users who want uncompromising typing comfort and easy adjustability. Stow it away under your desk in an instant by rotating the arm using its 360° pivot point. Install quickly using the convenient pre-drilled pilot holes found on select iMovR tabletops, or drill your own holes and use it with any desk of your choice. While the Stowaway is designed specifically to get around the obstruction of the crossbar on most standing desks it works equally well on fixed-height and adjustable-height desks.

Note that all iMovR Freedom Line desks (Energize and Cascade) are pre-drilled for the Stowaway Keyboard Tray to make for an easier installation. For Lander, Lander Lite, ZipDesk and other newer iMovR desk models use the Trackless Keyboard Tray or SteadyType Exo.

Keyboard Tray Adapter Kit for Standing Desks

Ideal for use with virtually any standing desk make and model, iMovR's Keyboard Tray Adapter Kit creates an "inverted highway overpass" to work around the physical obstruction of the stability crossbar that ordinarily prevents installation of a industry-standard slide rail.

Works with any retractable keyboard tray or dock on the market that uses the standard 5.765″-wide glide rail, as well as our Tech Dock and Stowaway Keyboard Tray.

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