Shipping and Delivery Upgrade Details

Desks & Treadmills Shipping to the Lower 48 States

Most iMovR standing desks and all iMovR treadmills are shipped via freight carrier. Some of our smaller desks, such as the ZipDesk, are shipped by FedEx Ground. See the Shipping tab on the specific product page to determine which method of shipping will be used for the desk size you ordered.

All of our desks are built in the region around Grand Rapids, Michigan, the heartland of office furniture manufacturing in the USA. Note that some iMovR ergonomic accessories that you may have ordered together with your desk system may ship separately from Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, or Missouri via FedEx Ground.

Important Notes on Freight Delivery

  • All of our prices include free shipping for the lower 48 states. Exceptions include:
    • Non-standard delivery times
    • Other special delivery options requested by the recipient, and
    • Delivery to addresses that are more than 50 miles away from our freight carriers' designated hubs.
    • See additional delivery surcharges for these and other special requests.
  • Freight Carriers require a scheduled delivery appointment for all residential deliveries, where an adult must be present to sign for and receive the shipment. For business deliveries, appointments are only needed for Room of Choice and Premium delivery upgrades, but no appointment is needed for Standard Delivery to Threshold.
  • As your shipment nears your location, you will be contacted by the freight carrier to schedule a 4-hour window for this appointment. When placing your order please make sure you provide the best phone number for the carrier’s dispatch and the delivery driver to reach you at.
  • Standard Delivery is to the first covered threshold.
    • For deliveries to apartments/condos and office buildings, this would be to the lobby if there is a doorman or receptionist.
    • If there is no covered area to place the delivery in, it will be taken as close as possible to the building structure, which may be curbside.
    • It will be the customer's responsibility to unload the pallet, dispose of the pallet, and bring merchandise into the building. If you need help with this, you can upgrade to Room of Choice or Premium Delivery (see below).
  • Room of Choice Delivery is our most popular shipping upgrade. The two-man delivery crew will bring all the components all the way to the room where your desk, table, or treadmill will go.
    • The upgrade includes elevator trips and up to one flight of stairs.
    • You will be responsible for unboxing, assembly, and debris removal.
    • Note: this service level may not be available in certain rural areas.
  • Premium Delivery w/ Assembly Upgrade
    • Note that the Premium upgrade is currently only available on Lander Desks (with or without a treadmill) and on treadmill-only orders. Premium delivery upgrades for most other desk models will be made available in the future.
    • The two-man crew will deliver your partially factory-assembled desk to your room of choice, unbox it, and complete the assembly of your new desk. This upgrade includes:
      • Elevator trips.
      • Up to one flight of stairs.
      • Unloading of the shipment.
      • Unboxing of the desk and/or treadmill.
      • Removal & disposal of the shipping pallet.
      • Removal & disposal of the packaging materials.
    • If a treadmill is included in the purchase, it will also be unboxed and plugged in.
    • Leveling of the desk and/or treadmill to make sure it is parallel to the floor is highly recommended. This is the responsibility of the purchaser.
    • Installation of accessories such as monitor arms, keyboard trays, power nodes, and cable management kits are not included in this delivery service. These are the responsibility of the purchaser.
    • Note: this service level may not be available in certain rural areas.
  • Factory Pre-Assembly Upgrade for Energize & Cascade Desks Only
    • The desk will arrive upside-down on a pallet, fully assembled. The purchaser needs only to lift it off the pallet, flip it over and plug it in.

How To Track Your Order

You will receive a tracking number by email when the product ships. Please note that at this point your order will continue to progress in a different computer system that is not connected to your account on; if you look up your order on it will only say "processing."

  • For inquiries on production status prior to shipping from the factory please contact with your name and order number.
  • Once you have received a tracking code please use that link for updates on the progress of your delivery. The assigned shipping carrier will always have more information on your delivery than we will, so we recommend that you contact them directly with any delivery questions you may have.

Tips for Success

It is our desire to get your product to you as safely and quickly as possible! To help us make this possible, here are a few things you can do to help if you've ordered a desk system or treadmill that will be delivered by freight:

  • Provide us with the best phone number for the delivery company to reach you or someone in your receiving department to coordinate delivery.
  • Deliveries cannot be reliably scheduled by voicemail so please provide a backup phone number if possible.
  • Letting us know in advance whether the address is residential or commercial and if there is
    • loading dock access
    • extra flights of stairs, or
    • other complicating factors for the delivery crew.
    You can send us this information by email to referencing your name and order number, and we will make sure the information is relayed to the carrier doing the delivery.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico

If there is no price listed on the product page for your shipping destination, please contact us with complete order details, full shipping address, and contact information so that we may generate a quote for you.

Shipping Outside of North America

For other international customers, we are happy to ship your order using the freight forwarder of your choice. Contact our sales team for more information.

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