Shipping and Delivery Upgrade Options

Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks

Standard Shipping to Continental United States

(see below for Hawaii, Alaska, and international locations)

  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states*. This includes all optional peripherals that were purchased together, such as monitor arms and keyboard trays.
  • All of our desks and tables are made-to-order in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
  • Most desks [and all desks shipped with Room of Choice or Premium Delivery options (see below)] are shipped via freight carrier. You'll receive a tracking number by email once the product has been loaded onto the delivery truck.
  • Some smaller desk systems may be shipped by FedEx Ground. Manufacturing and delivery times will be similar to freight shipments described below. 
  • Standard delivery is to the first covered threshold. In apartment buildings and office buildings this would be to the lobby, if there is a doorman or receptionist. If there is no covered area to place the delivery in, it will be taken as close as possible to the building structure, which may be curbside. It will be the customer's responsibility to unload the pallet and bring merchandise into the building. 
ProductLead TimeShipping Time**Total Delivery Time
Lander, Energize, and Cascade Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks 5-7 business days 5-10 business days 10-17 business days
Lander Solid Wood Top Standing Desks 15-25 business days, depending on tier level 5-10 business days 20-35 business days, depending on tier level (see details on product page)
Synapse Adjustable-Height Tables 20 business days 3-5 business days 23-25 business days
*NYC deliveries, non-standard delivery times, and other special delivery options requested by the recipient, as well as delivery to addresses that are more than 50 miles away from our freight carriers' designated hubs may be subject to additional delivery surcharges.
**If delivery is to a residential address or if you elect one of the delivery upgrades below, a dispatcher will call you 24 hours in advance to confirm the address and a convenient 4-hour window for delivery. An adult signature is required at time of delivery. Delivery times are available from 7am to 7pm in most markets. (No call will be made if delivery is to a business address and you do not elect one of the delivery upgrades below.) 
Delivery Upgrade Options for Standing Desks & Treadmill Desks

A. Room of Choice Delivery

Standard shipping brings your new desk or table to the first covered threshold. With Room of Choice the two-man delivery crew will bring all the components all the way to the room where your desk or table will go. Elevator trips, and up to two flights of stairs, are included in the price. Note: this service level may not be available in certain rural areas.

B. Pre-Assembly Option

We do everything possible to make assembly of our desks and tables easy. Typical desk assembly takes only 20 to 45 minutes - depending on the model - if you have a helper. (Add a little time if you ordered a keyboard tray, monitor arm, or other accessories.) However, we do offer factory pre-assembly on most models (exceptions: Lander Desks and Corner Desks). Conference tables are always shipped pre-assembled. 

C. Premium Delivery [Delivery to Room of Choice + PreAssembled Desk + Pallet, Box, & Debris Removal]

Our most popular shipping upgrade, the two-man crew will deliver your factory pre-assembled (and tested) desk to your room of choice, unbox it, and cart away the pallet and all packaging materials. If a treadmill is included in the purchase, it will also be unboxed and the packaging materials will be removed. Installation of accessories such as monitor arms, keyboard trays, power nodes and cable management kits are not included in this delivery service. Delivery includes up to 30 minutes of labor including unloading of the shipment, unboxing of the desk and/or treadmill, and removal of the shipping pallet and all packaging materials. Note: this service level may not be available in certain rural areas.

Note: Lander Desks ships in pre-assembled boxes of parts that will remain boxed at delivery. Premium Delivery includes Delivery to Room of Choice + Pallet and Debris removal. 

Tips for Success

It is our desire to get your product to you as safely and quickly as possible! To help us make this possible, here are a few things you can do to help if you've ordered a desk system that will be delivered by freight:

  • Provide us with the best phone number for the delivery dispatcher to reach you, or someone in your receiving department (they will typically call within 24 hours of the shipment reaching your local area). 
  • Deliveries cannot be reliably scheduled by voicemail so please provide a backup phone number if possible. 
  • Letting us know in advance whether the address is residential or commercial, and if the latter, if there is loading dock access, will speed the process. 
  • You can send us this information by email to referencing your name and order number, and we will make sure the information is relayed to the carrier doing the delivery. 

Desk Converters, Standing Mats, and Accessories

See the SHIPPING tab on any item's description page, or add the item to the shopping cart and see the shipping options that appear in the selector, to see specific prices for shipping or will-call options. In many cases, domestic (lower 48 states) shipping is included free of charge. Some heavier items - such as standalone treadmills and standalone bases - have specific shipping selections for Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. For all other international destinations, please see instructions below for obtaining a custom shipping quote.

ProductLead TimeShipping Time**Total Delivery Time
ZipLift & Cadence Standing Desk Converters 5 business days 3-5 business days 8-10 business days
Standing Mats* 5 business days 3-5 business days 8-10 business days
Other Accessories (see product page) (see product page) (see product page)

*For custom-made standing mats like the Continuum, see individual product pages for details.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Other Countries

Hawaii, Alaska and international customers have two options:

  1. We can ship to any freight forwarder in the continental US for the same flat rate as to any other domestic customer. It would be your responsibility to select a freight forwarder, set up an account, and negotiate freight forwarding rates. If you go with this option, contact us at or (425) 999-3550 with your order details and the delivery address for your freight forwarder, and we will get back to you with pallet dimensions, weights, and any other information required for your forwarder to generate a quote for you. 

  2. For international customers, the product can be shipped via DHL Global Freight (ocean) or DHL Express (typically 2-day or 3-day air). Please contact us with complete order details, full shipping address, and contact information so that we may generate a quote for you. By default, we will generate a quote for DHL Global Freight (ocean/ground) shipping only — unless you indicate you would like DHL Express (air) or both rates to compare. Please allow 24-72 hours to turn around an international delivery quote. ImportantDHL Global Freight (ocean/ground) CANNOT deliver to residential addresses, only to commercial addresses. DHL Express (air) can deliver to both residential addresses and commercial addresses. 

Note for Canadian, Mexican and Overseas International Customers: You will be responsible for any customs duties and taxes that may be due to your government. The carrier (DHL) will collect these at the time they contact you to schedule your delivery.