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Locking Caster Wheel Set

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You have some space in your room or office, and you want the flexibility to reposition your iMovR stand up desk as often as you need to without the hassle of finding a helper to lift it. iMovR’s Locking Caster Wheel Set is for you.

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Price as configured: $0.00

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  • Caster wheels let you glide your desk around the room easily and swiftly
  • Constructed from durable polyurethane (or in the case of the Vigor Casters, rigid nylon tread)
  • Will not leave unsightly streaks like some cheaper casters
  • Easy to install
  • Locking feature keeps your desk in place when you find your “sweet spot”
  • Shipping weight: under 2 lbs.

Move Your Stand Up Desk With Ease

These caster sets give your adjustable height desk the ability to effortlessly glide across your room until you find the perfect spot. Perhaps different parts of the room get better light at different times of the day, or maybe you’re putting together an open office plan where employees move desks frequently. Simply unlock the caster wheels to roll your desk around, and lock them down again once you find your sweet spot. These casters also add 2.5” of height to your desk, a bonus for very tall individuals.

iMovR Locking Caster Wheel Sets are made entirely of rigid polyurethane, a more durable material than the plasticized rubber that cheap caster sets often use to cut costs. Also unlike plasticized rubber, iMovR Locking Caster Wheel Sets won’t mar your flooring with unsightly black streaks.

iMovR's Locking Caster Wheel Sets for Vigor bases are made of rigid nylon tread, which rolls smoothly on hard surfaces (like hardwood, laminate, and marble) and avoids leaving any marks or scratches. 

Installation is a snap. With a helper, flip the desk upside down. Then remove your desk’s leveling pads, and use the included wrench to secure your new casters in their place. Flip the desk right side up and you’re ready to roll.


Please use the following chart to determine which size is compatible with your desk.

Desk Model Base Used Caster Model # of Wheels # of Locking Wheels Wheel Material
Elite, Everest, Ellure, Denali, Energize, Cascade Reliant, Relevate, Freedom Locking Caster Wheel Set for Reliant, Relevate, Freedom Bases 4 4 Polyurethane
Synapse Vigor Locking Caster Wheel Set for Vigor Base 4 2 Nylon Tread
Lander Lander Locking Caster Wheel Set for Lander Desks 4 2 Polyurethane

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