iMovR Laptop Mount Tray
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Front View
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Compatible with Nearly Any Laptop
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Includes Convenient Document Holder
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Side View
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Built-in Grab Handle
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Easily Mounted to Monitor Arms
iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Full Front View


Laptop Mount Tray for Monitor Arms

Sale price $68.00 USD

Turn your laptop into an extra screen at your desk. Tilt, pan, and rotate for comfortable and productive work. Featuring a document holder so you can keep your papers at a glance. (Monitor arm sold separately; please note that this accessory is not compatible with the TopView monitor arm series.)


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iMovR Laptop Mount Tray for Monitor ArmsTransform Your Laptop into an Ergonomically-Sound Extra Screen

Your laptop’s screen may be higher resolution than your existing monitors—why not use it as a bonus screen at your desk? Raise your laptop screen to eye-level with the pristine ergonomic adjustability of a monitor arm. All while saving from the expense of buying another monitor. It's MovR's Laptop Mount Tray.

iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Easy and Secure RepositioningEasy & Secure Repositioning

Tilt, pan, rotate, lower, or raise your laptop monitor to reduce physical strain on your neck. Use the built-in grab handle to glide your laptop to the spot where you need it, whether you're sitting, standing, or walking. The rubber non-slip contact surfaces provides extra support so your valuable computing device remains secure while adjusting, and the clear plastic overlay provides an additional layer of protection against unwelcome movements.



iMovR Laptop Mount Tray with Document HolderProductivity-Enhancing Document Holder

Perfect for those who work with paper documents all day, the laptop mount tray's sculpted clear plastic holder keeps your documents at eye-level for quick task switches between screens. It’s large enough to support multiple sheets and is removable when you want easy access to your laptop’s keyboard.

iMovR Laptop Mount Tray with Simple, Tool-free MountingSimple, Tool-free Mounting

Get started using your laptop mount tray in minutes. With the handy twist-off screws provided, you can mount your tray to all iMovR monitor arms, and any monitor arm that uses a standard 75mm × 75mm VESA bracket.

iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - Compatible with Nearly Any LaptopCompatible with Nearly Any Laptop

A sturdy steel construction and a 2″ thick opening for your laptop ensure this mount works with a variety of laptops, and that it will last for years to come. At 12.5″ deep and 7.25″ across, it accommodates even larger laptops. If you want to use your laptop with a docking station, you can remove the document holder for extra space.  


iMovR Laptop Mount Tray - American-made, Compatible with Nearly Any LaptopAmerican-made Design

Made-in-America compents and an array of design colors help make this laptop mount tray unique. Match your desk décor with black, silver, or white color options. Backed by an industry-leading warranty.

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