McHale Kelp Green Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Lagoon Blue Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Bay Navy Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Gray Drift Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Night Black Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Ergonomic Workstation Chair
McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair - iMovR
McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair - iMovR
McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair - iMovR
McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair - iMovR
McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair - iMovR
McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair - iMovR


McHale Advanced Ergonomic Office Chair

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The McHale chair is both beautiful and ergonomic with an innovative lumbar suspension system that will conform to the shape of your back. The chair back adjustments can be set at minimal tension so that the core is still mildly activated while seated. That’s important, because sitting in non-ergonomic chairs day after day can lead to weakened core muscles, and in turn ergonomic injuries due to poor posture.

The McHale includes all the advanced bells and whistles of chairs costing 3× as much. For those who don’t need as many adjustments, but still desire basic everyday ergonomic adjustability, check out iMovR’s Neemo Ergonomic Chair.

Color:Kelp Green
Seat Size:Small Seat
Casters:Carpet Casters

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  • Adjustable lumbar suspension system - a twist of the lumbar knob will increase or decrease the degree of the curve in the lumbar region of the mesh seatback.
  • 4D Fully-articulating armrests optimize ergonomics for keyboarding and mousing.
  • The deluxe ergo tilt feature makes chair recline adjustments healthy and comfortable for hips and spine.
  • Three Seat Sizes - we offer three comfortable seat sizes for small, standard and large body types. (Small 19″ W × 16″ D / Standard 20.25″ W × 18.5″ D / Large 21″ × 20″ D)
  • Six seat colors are available: Kelp Green / Lagoon Blue / Bay Navy / Drift Gray / Storm Gray / Night Black, in extremely durable and reliable fabric.
  • Smooth rolling carpet casters come standard on the black McHale chair, or upgrade to the dual surface casters which suit both hardwood and carpet surfaces.
  • Made in North America (Ontario, Canada).
  • ANSI/BIFMA tested and approved.
  • Easy setup—no tools required.

What makes our chairs different?

McHale Advanced Ergonomic Chair

Lumbar Suspension System

Ergonomics are critical when it comes to office chairs.  The McHale chair's U-shaped frame allows the mesh to bow and provide precise support between the lumbar and ribcage to encourage active sitting.

McHale Advanced Ergonomic ChairThe seatback can be moved up or down to match the curve of your spine at just the right height, specifically fitting your lumbar area. The chair back will ratchet click into higher notch positions until it gets to the top position, at which point you can slide it back to the lowest height setting.

McHale Advanced Ergonomic ChairThe lumbar knob will dial-in an increase or decrease in the degree of the curve in the mesh back.  A few clicks of the knob causes the mesh to bow and provide the precise tension you need to actively lift your spine. The key part of this feature is that your lower back is not just passively resting against the seatback, it is actively being lifted.

Deluxe Ergo Tilt 

McHale Advanced Ergonomic ChairSome gentle recline is a guilty pleasure with the Mchale chair.  Ergonomists argue that keyboarding should be done from an upright position sitting tall from the sit bones (we agree). However, for those moments when you want to sit back and think (or rest), the unique ergo tilt feature preserves spinal alignment.  The way this works is that the seat front edge remains at a fixed height, while the back edge of the seat reclines slightly, and the seatback angle reclines at a steeper angle. This method of tilt back motion is more ergonomic than common office chairs and offers greater comfort which can be felt in the back of the thighs, the hips and the spine.

McHale Advanced Ergonomic ChairAn additional advantage of the deluxe ergo tilt function is that you can make adjustments while seated.  The height adjustment lever (right side) and tilt lock lever (left side) are conveniently located at your finger tips while seated, sparing you the finger fumble on the underside of less well-designed office chairs. The recline tension knob (right side) slides out so that the user can easily grip and turn while seated and set the seatback tension to either firm or light. Keep in mind, the lighter the tension on the seatback, the greater the activation of your core muscles.

4D Fully-articulating Armrests

McHale Advanced Ergonomic ChairOn similar office grade chairs, these arms would be an expensive add on, but we have built them in as a standard feature.  We call these armrests "4D" because they adjust in four different directions.

Get proper forearm support with a height adjustment of the armrests, and a forward/back slide for correct forearm level positioning. A soft inward press of the arm will tip them close to the body for optimal support when using a keyboard. Slide outward (or inward) to accommodate your forearms when mousing.

Elastomeric Mesh Seatback Material

The seatback material is breathable which stays cool and comfortable.  It provides enough support without being too rigid, and encourages you to maintain your core muscles without too much effort.  Adjusts to all body shapes and sizes whether large or small.

Three Seat Sizes 

The highly versatile McHale chair comes in three seat sizes to accommodate small, standard, and large users.

Small Seat McHale Advanced Ergonomic Chair
Small Seat

(19″ W × 16″ D)

Standard Seat McHale Advanced Ergonomic Chair
Standard Seat

(20.25″ W × 18.5″ D)

Large Seat McHale Advanced Ergonomic Chair
Large Seat

(21″ W × 20″ D)

Note: All sizes are available in any color.

Waterfall edge seat—The seat has a rounded waterfall-like front edge, adding comfort for the back of your thighs and reducing circulatory impingement.

Seat Fabric Colors

Select from six stylish seat colors.

Kelp Green
Kelp Green
Lagoon Blue
Lagoon Blue
Bay Navy
Bay Navy
Drift Gray
Drift Gray
Storm Gray
Storm Gray
Night Black
Night Black

All fabrics have been tested extensively and found to comply with the Association for Contract Textiles performance guidelines for colorfastness to light, wet, dry, and for abrasion resistance, and fire retardancy.

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